Most popular phrases to use when dating a Russian (must know!)

To learn about one’s language you will also learn about their culture. Russian culture is a very interesting culture, moreover their people. After you learn a little bit about Russian men and Russian women, you can use your language capability to start talking with them. If you’re one of the lucky one, you will find […]

Phrases to getting attention in Russian (like, dislike, love and hate)

In this lesson we’ll gonna teach you how to say ‘like’, ‘dislike’, ‘love’, ‘hate’, because these words can be used in daily conversation as phrases to getting attention in Russian or to show your preference on something. Like If you want to say ‘I like ………’ you can use нравиться which literally means “to be […]

Family Phrases in Russian Language

In this lesson we gonna talk about Family words and phrases in Russian. By learning words and phrases about family you will allow yourself to talk about family, which is a popular topic of daily conversation in Russia. To give you a glimpse on what kind of conversation you can make to talk about family, you […]

32 Common Greetings in Russian – How to Start a Communication

Are you planning to travel in Russia which is the largest country in earth ? Unfortunately you don’t understand their language and that makes one of your concern before going to Russia. Travelling or study abroad are a major choice of anyone, not only to gain education or visiting remarkable spot of those country but […]