3 Mysteries and Myths Surrounding Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater in the world by volume. It contains 22-23% of fresh surface water in the world. It is also the deepest lake in the world with 1,642 m deep. Moreover, it is the oldest lake in the world. The approximate age of the lake is around 25-30 million years. With such age, it is impossible that the lake does not hide any stories.

There are at least 3 mysteries and myths surrounding Lake Baikal that are quite entertaining. You can also read Baba Yaga the Russian folktale witch and history and creation of Matryoshka nesting dolls.

1. Dragon Kings

Situated in Southern Siberia is where Lake Baikal hides its secrets. As it close to China, one mystery that surrounds the lake is related to dragon. People in some Asia countries, like China, Korea and Vietnam, believe that dragon is the most powerful creature living on the earth. They believe that there are four dragons which live in four seas. They are brothers which rule seas in four cardinal directions of the world. Those seas are the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea, the East China Sea and Lake Baikal.

To strengthen the story, there are some Chinese travelers saying their impression of meeting a God of the lake. Buryat legend also mentions the creature. They name it Lusud-Khan or Usan-Lobson Khan that means Water Dragon-Master. According to the legend, Bogatyr Horidoy was chasing a water dragon. At last he visited the largest Baikal island of Olkhon and there he met the beast. However, the beast then turned into a beautiful girl. They got married and had kids. The legend says that the Buryat people are the couple’s descendants.

Adding to the story is that drawings of the creature along the Baikal cliffs. The drawings of the water monster was estimated around 3rd to 9th century BC. The drawing shows the standing creature that looks like giant lizard having a forked tongue and wicked claws. Moreover, Buryat people said that the creature resembles giant sturgeon with a prominent snout and armored plating along the back.

2. The Master of the “Holy Sea”

In addition to the water dragons, a legend said that there was a fire-breathing deity. The deity disguised as a dragon that lived deep in the lake. It controlled all creatures living in the lake. Moreover, its mood affected the prosperity and even the life of people who lived surrounding the lake.

The legend said that when the first stars were lit in the sky and the great Sun rose above the Earth for the first time, a golden chariot descended from the sky. Then, the dragon came out of it. When it came, its powerful tail blew three times. The first blow made the rocky mountains fall apart and form a deep crevice. Then, the second blow created the lake. It first melted the ice at the peak of the mountains that now becomes the water containing the lake. Meanwhile, the third blow covered the area with rich vegetation. Thus, the living creatures started inhabiting the area. After that, the fire dragon made the lake its earthly home.

The legend continues saying that the dragon came to earth every one hundred and twenty years. When the dragon came to visit the lake, people who called themselves “the sons of the fire dragon” held a celebrations. During that time, they would make abundant sacrifices to honor their deity.

As time passed, however, people forgot the tradition. The no longer held such celebration and sacrifices. Thus, when the deity came for the visit, the deity was angry. The anger shook the land. Soon the water of the lake flooded the land and destroyed all living thins surrounding the lake up to the oceans. Thus the end of the sons of the fire dragon.

3. UFO

Some of us may think that UFO is just a fake story, but in Russia, the traces are everywhere. Local resident of  nearby Shida village Valery Rudentsov said that she and her 12 other friends was there on 17th April 1987 at about 12.20 am when one of the guy called the rest of them while pointing out at the sky. There, 150 meters above them, hang a saucer with diameter of 70 meters. The moon shone so bright that they could not deny what they saw.

Moreover, the weather was so quite until there only the noise of a dog barking and the lowing of cows. However, the saucer did not cast a sound. Then, the plate slid away in silent, sailed along the shore of the bay and slipped into the hills of Olkhon.

Another event occurred with more witnesses. Local resident surrounding Lake Baikal Vasily Timofeev said that the saucer’s diameter was 30 meters and it shone so brightly that she could not see it clearly. Meanwhile, Margarita Tsybikova said that there came down three people in yellow, shiny, shimmering costumes from the plate. Marina Zimireva who also witnessed that there were people coming down from it said that they were straight and slender. They also had legs and arms. Then as those creatures saw them watching them, they immediately returned to the disk and flew away.

Those are 3 mysteries and myths surrounding Lake Baikal that may make you want to know more of them. You can also read animals that live in Lake Baikal, surprising things in Ural Mountains and mysteries surround Ural Mountains.

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