11 Most Famous Facts of Wild Mint Folk Festival in Russia

wild mint festivalWhat’s the plan for Summer? If you travel to Russia and hang around Moscow around June, you might want to consider Wild Mint Folk Festival in your itinerary. There’s no better way to spend summer than dancing and have fun at the festival. Wild Mint Folk Festival is the largest music event in Russia. It’s also among the three most popular festivals in the country. Millions of people have attended this event since its inauguration. Wild Mint Folk Festival is a comprehensive festival that entertains its guests with the music of all kind.

Here are some interesting facts about this festival:

1. One of the 50 best events of the planet

Afisha magazine, the leading Slavic advertising magazine, placed Wild Mint Folk Festival as one of the 50 best events on earth.

2. It once held in Ethnomir

Ethnomir is a park and museum located in the village of Petrovo, around 80 km from Moscow. This place is a popular tourist destination for locals around the area. People love to spend time here especially during summer. Ethnomir is a park with an interesting concept. It is an ethnopark, a park that also emphasizes on culture aside from nature.

Spanning across 140 hectares of area, Ethnomir exhibits cultures from all around the world. You will see houses from many cultural and ethnic groups. The park is all about diversity. There’s no more fitting and exotic venue for a world music festival such as Wild Mint Folk Festival than this park.

3. An outdoor festival held in Summer

Wild Mint Folk Festival runs for several days in summer. It’s an outdoor festival, so the audience can get the most of the sun which doesn’t happen often in Russia. Besides, dancing and singing along together is the most fun if we can do it outside. It felt freer too. It’s one of the events not to be missed during summer.

4. It’s been running for seven years

Wild Mint Folk Festival first started in 2012. So in 2019, the festival has been running for 7 years. The enthusiasm coming from the public is what makes Wild Mint Folk Festival keeps going as an annual event. It’s also an opportunity for everyone who never had the chance to attend. This year’s summer, consider going and experience the festive atmosphere it offers. It’s not far from Moscow anyway.

5. 2019 Venue is Aleksinsky district, Bunyrevo

It’s located in Tula region, 140 km from Moscow. It’s an area full of the historical building. Tula is also known for the center of crafts and metalworking.

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6. Adequate public transport

You can get there by car, public train, even the organizers provide a shuttle service that leaves from Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard, Moscow. From Moscow, you can get there in 2 hours.

7. One ticket for all

Only with buying one ticket, you can get access to more than 70 concerts. You can also get an unlimited number of entrances and exits. It means you can go and come back whenever you want. The ticket is 4500 rubles for adults, that’s around 68 US dollars, which heck cheaper than similar festivals around the globe. Children get half price. Yes, this festival is kids friendly. There’s even a package for the family.

8. Interesting accommodations

You can stay at the festival campsite with your own tent, or go to the festival’s ready-made campsite and rent a tent at a price. If you come with family, this festival can also serve as one camping holiday. For more comfort, you can also stay at one of the hotels and holiday homes located around the festival area. Make sure you pack the right clothes for summer.

9. Local and international musician

There are more than 70 performers coming from different countries. World stars will rock the stage, Russian popular musician and performers. Among this year’s lineup is Primal Scream, The Hatters, Faithless DJ Set, Alai Oli, and James Leg. Music fans from every genre, their music taste will be accommodated in this festival. Wild Mint strives to blur musical boundaries. Whether you enjoy rap or EDM, you can find performers you like. It’s also the time to explore genres you never familiar with before.

10. Music is not the only thing on the menu

At the festival, you can listen to lectures, watch movies and theatrical performances, and take part in craft classes. There are also fire shows, outdoor movie nights, and a unique area called “Green Age”. “Green Age” is an area where you can relax your mind and your body. You’ll encounter many yoga classes in this “Green Age” area.

11. There are bazaar and food market

For three days, you don’t have to worry about food and drink. You can taste gourmet food from all over the world at Wild Mint. The organizer prepares food bazaar with plenty of food trucks. You can also head to Tula and enjoy more than 50 restaurants available around the venue. Order the best Russian food for summer.

If you like shopping, there is a fair at the festival where designer clothes and jewelry are sold. The fair is a fun way to spend your time in between the concerts. Dar Bazaar is a fair of hand-made, exclusive clothes and rare souvenirs, located in the very center of the festival. Over 10 years of existence, the fair has become one of the largest in the country.

“Goan yard” offers original jewelry, lifestyle clothes, unusual musical instruments, and exotic souvenirs. If you like healthy food, “Green Bazaar” is a place for those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

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