11 Ways to Please Your Russian Wife When She’s Grumpy

How nice, charming and well-behaved your Russian wife has been, she can be grumpy sometimes. It is natural. So, don’t blame her for this behavior as it can make her anger worst. Moreover, you should also keep in your mind that this behavior may appear at certain time. This includes the time when she was bad mood and having a bad day.

As a man who always want to be near her, you don’t want to face this. But, staying away from her during this time can make everything worst. You should understand that there is a cause for her anger. Instead of staying away from her, you should be near her and help her control it.

You can do that by doing these 11 ways to please your Russian wife when she’s grumpy. Also read: how to make a Russian woman fall in love with you.

1. Keep Your Selfishness Aside

Although you find that coping with an angry woman is hard, you should deal with it. You cannot be selfish by being angry as well because she is angry. In a time like this, you should control your emotion. Whatever she does, don’t get angry.

You should say to yourself that your wife cannot make you angry. Although you may have something to do with her problem, you don’t make her angry. She is the one who make herself angry as a reaction toward the problem.

2. Don’t Get Into Her Boat

Believe it or not, explaining things to her in this time is a bad idea. Why? Because she won’t get it or simply does not care. Although you try hard to explain that she is the one who wrong, you cannot make her feel better, even though you have strong facts. This is because she thinks your act of explaining things to her shows a disrespect and not listening. She will become angrier, instead. So, just be silent.

3. Owing Your Fault as Your Fault

If you are the one who is responsible for her anger, you should admit it. But, don’t make yourself look better than her while you are doing it.

4. Listen

However, if her problems comes out of you or her, just ask her. She knows the cause of her problem. Thus, you just need to ask and give your attention by listening to her story thoroughly. Don’t wait until she tell it herself. Although you don’t know what she may tell you, just listen. Otherwise, she will be grumpy for much longer and it may turn her down. Also read: personal traits that Russian woman hates from man.

5. Respect Her

When she spills everything out, she may talk about everything. This includes her opinions and her side. If you find that her opinion is nonsense, you don’t have to agree with her. But don’t show your agreement. You just need to accept her opinion as real to show that you respect her.

If you know, the reason of her anger is frequently due to she believes that there is something unfair, out of her control or personal attack. You can address these concern to show that you can understand her. Thus, you gain her trust.

6. Look at Her Eyes

When she spills everything with angry eyes, don’t look down. It shows that you don’t care of her and do not listen to her. Besides, she will think that you are angry and hate her. You don’t want this. So, you should try hard to look at her eyes and make sure you listen to her well.

7. Ask Questions

As she keeps going, ask her questions. It can show that you are listening to her and care of her. When she knows this, she thinks that she has a friend to share her feeling with. That way, she will be calm down as time passes.

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8. Have a Little Walk

Although you may think that taking a walk is so wrong in time like this, it is actually a good way. To calm her down, you must help her to get back to normal. Thus, you can ask her to walk with you. So she can move with you and no longer against you. Taking a walk can calm her and clear her mind. At least, she can forget what she has been through.

9. Use the Magic Word

All of us know that the magic word always works wonders. So, if she repeatedly blames you for not understanding her or because of her anger, you can say, “Sorry.” You can continue it by saying that you owe part of responsibility of causing her anger or making her angrier. Then, you take her side. Everyone who is angry always thinks that s/her is the only one who’s right. Taking side will not harm you.

10. Leave Her If She Wants to

If you have done everything to calm her down and then she asks you to leave her alone, let her be. Don’t force her to be her side. Because sometimes a woman needs sometimes alone to clear her mind in her own way.

11. Take Control

When her anger is out of control, you are the one who should take control. You can give her two choices, this or that. She cannot choose both or none.

Those are 11 ways to please your Russian wife when she’s grumpy. You can also read best steps of how to get a Russian wife and pros of having Russian wife.

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