Hey Ladies! Here are 5 Best Cosmetic Shops in Moscow

cosmetic shop in RussiaThere are a few reasons why you want to shop for cosmetics while visiting Russia. Sometimes when traveling, you forget to bring an eyeliner or an eyeshadow. Suddenly you need one for a nice dinner. Sometimes it’s more convenient to buy stuff in Russia instead of bringing them from home, adding more weight to the baggage. In another time, you just feel like shopping makeup.

Maybe you have a special interest in beauty products. You might want to try some Russian local brands, to see if they are good. Well, you’ve come to the right country. Russia is the 4th largest producer of cosmetic. Their brands such as Natura Siberica has gained international fame already. The brand is popular because they are natural and organics. Apart from Natura Siberica, Russia also has several other local organic cosmetics brands.

Now if you already know what to buy, the next question is where to get the said products. Moscow has plenty of shopping places, from street markets to shopping malls. Customers can get anything they want and there will be no shortage of choices. You might get overwhelmed with all these shopping places and cannot decide which one is the best. Well, here are 5 best cosmetic shops in Moscow.

1. Articoli at GUM, Red Square

Articoli is a definition of a luxury boutique but for beauty products and perfumes. Located at GUM in Moscow’s Red Square, Articoli is a 5,000-square-foot cosmetic shop with countless choices of products you can only imagine. Its interior is bright and tasteful. Products are placed neatly in beautiful shelves. You could easily spend hours here.

The beauty shop has aisle after aisle of makeup products. Plenty of mirrors everywhere to look at your reflection while you’re trying on some products. Expect the price to be inflated as it is GUM anyway. Use the tax-free option if any, that would help a great deal. If compared to the experience while shopping here, the price is justifiable.

While at GUM, do not forget to visit other popular stores as well. Try some Russian ice cream which is very popular among locals and tourists. Stepping outside, enjoy the marvelous sight of Red Square’s landmarks. Cathedral St. Basil stands magnificently beside the stocky Moscow’s Kremlin.

2. Sephora at Aviapark

The international retail cosmetic chain has just opened its Moscow store in September 2018. Located at Aviapark, the store sells renowned international names such as Urban Decay and Benefit cosmetics. If you’re already familiar with Sephora in your home country, then it’s easy to navigate in this Moscow Branch. You might as well know about Sephora’s own brand, also called Sephora.

As it is located in a shopping mall, you can shop for other things as well. Aviapark is a huge mall to explore. At 230,000 square meters area, Aviapark is the second biggest mall in Europe. It has a gigantic aquarium on its lobby, a four-story aquarium that extends from first ground floor to the ceiling. It also has a cinema.

3. Natura Siberica Official stores

If you want something more local, more natural, and all around organic, Natura Siberica would definitely catch your attention. The brand is Russian and also fully made in Russia, specifically, in Siberia. Natura Siberica uses ingredients from Siberia on its products. They’re very Russian: birch tree, honey sbiten, and caviar.

Natura Siberica has many retail stores all over Moscow. Natura Siberica is a popular brand, even sells in the European market. It’s hard to get them aboard since you can only order from online shops. While in Russia, why not buy plenty? Natura Siberica offers a wide range of products, from hair care, skin care, and body care. The products here make an inexpensive yet unique gift if you’re looking for souvenirs.

Statisfied customers report having the best experience on their visit to Natura Siberica stores. They have excellent customer service. On cold days, you’ll get a warm cup of organic tea. Tourists will be relieved that the product here comes with English description on the packaging. Overall. they are simply awesome and a must visit while you’re in Moscow. A recommendation, try their black caviar series.

Address: Tverskaya St, 27, стр.2, Moskva, Russia, 123001

4. Organic Shop

Organic Shop is heaven for organic products lovers. As it explained plainly on its name, the shop sells only organic beauty products. There have a very diverse collection of products ranging from local as well as overseas brands. Several local brands sold here include White Agafia, Natura Siberica, and the in-house brand Organic Shop itself.

Organic Shop opens a lot of branches in Moscow alone. You don’t need to worry about the location as you can pick what’s the nearest from you. Their price is affordable and the quality is good.  Their salespeople are also friendly.

Address: Leninsky Ave, 72/2, Moscow.

5. Official Stores of International Brands

If you want to search for makeup and cosmetics brand you’re already familiar with, you can just go to the official stores of said brands. Many popular beauty brands opened a store in Moscow. Endless brand to choose from. Among the few are Chanel, Inglot, Bobby Brown, M.A.C Cosmetics, and NYX.

Official stores of international brands usually located in large and popular shopping malls. You can easily find them at GUM, TsUM, Aviapark, or other popular shopping malls in Moscow.

So those are the 5 best shops in Moscow. If you have time, visit them all. If you don’t, only visit the highlight such as Articola and Natura Siberica.

One thing to note, shopping for luxury products sometimes can be more expensive in Russia than in your own country. Big names such as YSL and Chanel usually have inflated price on their products. My suggestions, stick to local brands, especially organic ones. They are unique, as you clearly can’t find them home, and they also very affordable. Their natural content also beneficial and not harmful to the skin.

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