Wedding Congratulations in Russian Language That You Must Know

Do you know how to say wedding congratulations in Russian language? Or whether in the near future you will attend Russian wedding? Now Russian wedding has adapted to western culture. So that’s why some aspects look similar. In the Russian wedding tradition, the groom needs to overcome the obstacles set by the bride’s family before she can pick up the bride. The obstacles can be questions, telling funny things or even dancing.

Well, there are some phrases that you can use to express the best wishes for married couples in the Russian language.

Best Wishes to The Married Couple

  • Желаю вам обоим море счастья
    (Zhelayu vam oboim more schast’ya)
    Wishing the both of you all the happiness in the world.

>  It’s a formal way. It’s used when you’re not really close either with the groom or the bride.

> In daily conversations, singular pronouns (Я, Ты, Вы, Она/о, Мы, Они) are rarely used because without a pronoun, people can understand the subject based on verb conjugations.

For example : Я желаю вам -> Желаю вам

  • Пусть будет крепким ваш союз!
    (Pust’ budet krepkim vash soyuz!)
    Congratulations on tying the knot!

> Different from previous phrase, this phrase is informal.

  • Поздравляю с днем свадьбы.
    (Pozdravlyayu s dnem svad’by)
    Congratulations on your wedding day.

> It’s also an informal way to congratulate married couples.

  • Поздравления жениху и невесте.
    (Pozdravleniya zhenikhu i neveste)
    Congratulations to the bride and groom
  • Поздравляем прекрасную пару
    (Pozdravlyayem prekrasnuyu paru)
    Congratulations to a lovely couple
  • Будьте счастливы, оставайтесь вместе
    (Bud’te schastlivy, ostavaytes’ vmeste)
    Be happy, stay together

Traditionally, Russian wedding lasts for 2 days or more, but today many Russian weddings take place only a day. You can find more information about Russian wedding by visiting this page. or to know Wedding in Russian Style.


Do you also want to know Russian vocabulary related to marriage? Here is a commonly used vocabulary.

  • Свадьба / svad’ba / wedding
  • Жених / zhenikh / groom
  • Невеста / nevesta / bride
  • Молодожёны / molodozhony / newlyweds
  • Тамада / Tamada / toast-master
  • Свадебное приглашение / svadebnoye priglasheniye / wedding invitation
  • Свадебное кольцо / svadebnoye kol’tso / wedding ring
  • Свадебный обряд / svadebnyy obryad / or Venchaniye/ venchaniye/  wedding ceremony
  • Свадебный день / svadebnyy den’ / wedding day
  • Свадебный торт / svadebnyy tort / wedding cake
  • Свадебный букет / svadebnyy buket / wedding bouquet
  • Свадебное платье / svadebnoye plat’ye / wedding dress
  • Свидетельство о браке / svidetel’stvo o brake / marriage certificate
  • медовый месяц / medovyy mesyats / honeymoon

If you want to improve your vocabulary in different topics, You can visited Russian Vocabularies of Direction for Где and Куда,  Colors in Russian Language, or just memorize some Basic Russian Words for Beginners. If you find this site helpful, do not forget to share it with your friends or anyone who wants to learn Russian =)

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