How To Do Make Up Like Beautiful Russian Girls? Here Are The Tips!

woman with makeupThere are so many ways that women can get the beauty they want. And the women are very trying to be perfect. For most women the appearance is very important.

The ways that women do to look perfect include taking care of various skin care products, using good clothes that are in trend, and also using makeup that can certainly make the appearance more attractive.

Make up has become a primary need for most women throughout the world. in fact, the development of makeup is very much followed by them. well-known make-up brands are increasingly active in producing new types of makeup that make women really want to have them. In addition, because of the many women who like make up, the beauty bloggers have sprung up with their makeup theories. women can always make new breakthroughs!

Make up cannot be used carelessly. Because if it’s not used properly, make-up will actually make your appearance worse and very strange. Then, how do you look beautiful with makeup? Russian women know very well about this. Russian women are very concerned about their appearance from head to toe. Ranging from clothing to make up, they are very good at integrating it. Russian women are already born with an almost perfect face. And their skill in dressing up also adds to their charm.

If you want to have an attractive and flawless appearance with make up, then you can imitate the ways Russian women wear makeup. And in this article, we will give it to you. How to make beautiful like Russian girls? Here are the tips!

1. Know Where You Are Going

This is the first thing that Russian women really pay attention to when using make up. They know very well that they have to use make up, which is appropriate for the place they are going to visit and what event you are attending.

If you use make up that is not appropriate, of course you will be a joke for people. And of course you will be the center of attention, not because it looks gorgeous but because it looks weird. Just imagine when you use thick makeup to go hang out with your friends. you will be a mockery and you should use make up while attending a dance or wedding. And imagine also if you use simple make up when attending a party. Of course, your make up is not balanced with the dress you are using. You will look like a woman who is not eager to have a long night at a party.

Russian women really know how to use make up for casual and formal events. They usually only use a nude lipstick that is similar to blush and thin eye make up. They combine it with casual clothes, such as jeans with leather jackets or shirts. And for formal events such as weddings, they will be very total and sexy. They combine elegant dresses with make up that is very eyecatching. And most of them use red lipstick and sharp eye make up, to get the impression of being sexy and mature. Very interesting, right?

2. Use Bronzer

Bronzer is a make up tool that is almost always used by Russian women. and almost all of the vloggers use brozers when making make up tutorials. Then, what is bronzer for?

The bronzer is used to get a more firm facial curve. In addition, the bronzer will also load your cheeks to look thinner. Of course all women want to have a perfect look with thin cheeks. How to apply bronzer is also very easy. You can apply it from the temples to the corner of the lips. And use the bronzer along the facial lines so that the face looks firmer.

3. A Blend Of Blush And Highlights

Today’s make up tools are not just lipstick and powder. But there are also blush and highlights that are very well liked by Russian women, and maybe women who like make up. To get a fresh look, Russian women combine blush with highlights.

Use blush on a nude color, like a light brown color on the cheekbones to get a thin face. Then you can add highlights to the chin, forehead, cheeks and nose. Your nose will look sharper with highlights. In addition, highlights also create a glowy impression on your face.

4. Use Bronzer Powder And White Eyeshadow

Don’t use eyeshadow as the base color of your eyelids. because maybe the color won’t match the color of the face area. You can replace eyeshadow with bronzer powder to get the same color. So that your eyes don’t look “heavy”.

After using powder bronzer, you can use white ayeshadow to get the impression of brighter and dazzling eyes. Use white eyeshadow on the eyelids to the inner corner of the eye. So that your eyes look more “alive”, especially for those of you who have small eyes, you can use mascara and eyeliner. If you have big eyes, use eyeliner as thin as possible. And for those of you who have small eyes, you can form eyeliner slightly above your eyes to make it look bigger, and also use a little thick.

5. Use A Red Lipstick

Russian women are famous for their white and clean skin. They really like bright red lipstick that is very suitable for white people. With make up that isn’t so heavy, the red lipstick will make your look perfect. Your lips are the center of attention. And you can also add a little highlight on the lip line to clarify the shape of your lips. Red lipstick suitable for owners of thin or thick lips. In addition, red lipstick will make you look sexier.

6. Pay Attention To Make Up On The Eyes And Lips

This is something that Russian women really pay attention to. if you already use make up that is thick in the eyes, then use a lipstick with a light color, such as a nude or baby pink color. However, if you don’t play make up in the eyes too much, you can use bright and striking colored lipsticks. Such as blood red, bright red, or dark colors like purple and brown.

The way to make Russian women above will definitely make your appearance look perfect. And how to make up above will certainly help you look beautiful on every occasion, both casual pickles and formal events. How to make beautiful like Russian girls? Those are the tips! Happy trying, ladies!

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