6 Weirdest Traditions Of The Celebration Of Russian Wedding

Russian wedding traditionMarriage is something that lovers really want. Marriage is the union of two people who love each other to form a happy home for life. So that marriage is considered as something very sacred and respected. Marriage always has traditions in accordance with the culture of both parties. These traditions certainly have their own meaning and something good is expected to happen in the bride and groom’s household.

Marriage traditions differ in each country. And of course, the tradition has its own meaning. Even many believe, if tradition is not done then something bad will happen. That is in accordance with their respective beliefs. And one country that has a unique tradition of marriage is Russia. Russia is indeed known as a country with diverse cultures. And a lot of wedding culture is unique and can even be called strange.

Wedding traditions in Russia might make you laugh and be stunned. However, this tradition is not done in vain. Of course there is something good that is expected to happen behind the tradition. And Russian people still highly respect and carry out the tradition of marriage to this day. If you want to have a Russian wife or husband, then you can choose to use the following traditions on your happy day. In this article, we will discuss the strange traditions of the Russian people on their wedding day. Will you consider these traditions strange too? Here are 6 weirdest traditions of the celebration of Russian wedding.

1. Buy The Bride

This first strange tradition is truly unique. If the bride is usually bought with a certain amount of money, jewelry, items and wedding rings from her family, then it is different from the tradition of buying brides in Russia.

In Russia, the bride was kidnapped by her friends. But this kidnapping is only pretended. Not only the bride, usually her friends also kidnap her shoes. Then, the bride can be freed by the way the groom and his friends have to pay a sum of money in real or symbolic to the bride’s friends, to get the queen back. Not only with money, the bride’s friends also give other conditions to the groom if they want to get the queen back. Like drinking lots of vodka and other challenges. Very strange right?

This tradition is still common today. This tradition is also very fun to do as entertainment after going through a series of formal events that feel a little boring. And this tradition is done not only as entertainment, there is a deep meaning behind this tradition. This tradition shows the struggle of the groom to get his bride and risk everything he has for the person he loves so much. Very sweet, right?

2. Guess The Husband’s Favorite Food From The List Given By Her Mother-In-Law

The next tradition will amaze you. That is a tradition when the parents-in-law tests the ability of the prospective daughter-in-law at a wedding. Before marriage, the host asks the groom’s mother what food her child likes at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then, the groom’s mother lists some types of food and the bride must guess what food her husband likes from the list. If successful, the bride is considered to have been very familiar with her husband and won the attention and respect of the prospective mother-in-law. And the bride gets a prize that is a delicious and healthy food recipe book.

Apparently, you can win the hearts of prospective mother-in-law since the first day of marriage, ladies! If you want to succeed in winning this tradition, you have to know more about your partner. Guaranteed, mother-in-law will greatly respect and love you. It’s easy to win the hearts of mother-in-law.

3. Proof Of Love

“Proof Of Love” is a tradition that symbolizes proof of the love of the bride and groom. This ritual is done with the groom tying the knot on the kitchen towel as strong as his love for the bride. Then he has to let it go as easily as possible.

Although strange, it turns out this ritual has a meaning and hope after marriage. This ritual is a hope that the groom will always love the bride and face every problem together. And the groom will patiently and easily solve family problems in the future, according to when he opens the conclusion on the towel easily.

4. Get To Know Your Husband From His Kiss

This fourth tradition is very unique and strange at the same time. This tradition is held to show guests how well the two brides know each other and how suitable they are. In this tradition, the bride’s eyes will be closed, then several relatives and male families including the groom kiss her hands voluntarily. And the bride must guess which kiss comes from her husband. If she is successful, then the couple is considered suitable and already knows each other. Do you want to try this tradition?

5. Distribution Of Domestic Work

Strange but this is real! The following tradition is a tradition that is carried out to divide tasks in the household between husband and wife. Various kinds of goods are included in one bag, such as frying pan, broom, pan, iron, and fishing tools. Then the bride and groom took turns taking the items from the sack without looking. If the groom picks up a broom, he is tasked with sweeping the house every day and if the bride picks up a fishing tool, it is in charge of fishing for food.

With this tradition, you don’t need to fight with your husband or your wife to share household chores. Very unique and very strange. However, some of these traditions do it only as entertainment and some actually do it after settling down. And this tradition is still widely practiced today.

6. Guess The Sex Of The Baby

At the time of marriage, a tradition is held to guess the sex of the first baby the bride will have. The host will close the eyes of the two brides and invite them to tie their wedding rings with bowknot. At the end of the game, if there is more pink paper on the bowknot then their child is a girl, but if there is more blue then their first child is a man.

This tradition is very fun to do as entertainment. This tradition also helps brides to get rid of their awkwardness on the wedding day. If you get a Russian husband or wife, are you interested in doing this tradition?

Those are the 6 weirdest traditions of the celebration of Russian wedding. These wedding traditions are very unique, aren’t they? You can also hold it as entertainment if you are interested even though you are not Russian. The 6 traditions above are a form of hope and joy on the wedding day. And that is proof that marriage is something that is highly respected and is considered the happiest day in the lives of the two brides.

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