4 Facts of Fist Fighting, A Russian Style of Boxing

As we know, there are many types of sports that exist in every country in the world. One of them is boxing. Although it requires a fairly strong physique, in fact there are still many who make boxing as their favorite sport.

This type of boxing is also diverse. There are some countries that have their own type of boxing. Some have adapted from boxing in general, and some have slightly different movements. Similarly, with Russia.

In Russia, there is a sport similar to boxing. The sport is called fist fighting. Did you ever know about this fighting fist?

Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about this Russian boxing. Therefore, let’s look at the facts of fist fighting, a Russian style of boxing.

Boxing is often associated with violence. Though it is a sport that is still within safe limits if it is not affected by vital organs. We can also use this as self-defense in a state of danger. So, boxing can also be a positive and healthy sport.

There are many types of boxing that are spread all over the world. Although still in the same type, of course there are also differences between each boxing sport. Similarly, with the sport of boxing in Russia.

In Russia, a sport similar to boxing is known as fist fighting. Did you ever know about fist fighting? Or maybe have you ever fist fighting before? Maybe you are still wondering and curious about the fist fighting. Therefore, this article will discuss about 4 facts fist fighting, Russian boxing style.

  • About Russian Fist Fighting

Russian Fist Fighting is actually a traditional boxing sport that originated in Russia. This sport has existed since ancient times and has become a sportive folk entertainment. To do fist fighting, you can’t just do it. There are rules that you must follow.

Russian Fist Fighting is also known as Russian Boxing. This is the type of boxing that does not use boxing gloves like when doing boxing in general. Although this is a type of sport that is also a form of entertainment for the people because it is carried out in a mass battle (involving many people), but Russia also uses this fist to solve the problems that have been there long ago.

  • History and Type of Russian Fist Fighting

Fist Fighting is actually a martial art tradition in Russia. Throughout Europe, Slavia was known as a brave warrior. Everyone must have the skills to fight because war can happen at any time. Including children.

Since childhood, children in Russia has learned about how to defend themselves, their families and their country through the game. The game was gradually transformed into a real fist fighting. There are separate rules that must be followed when they want to hold a fist fighting. This is because fist fighting can involve a lot of people doing it.

As for the types of fist fighting in Russia, including:

  1. Grappling fight and helter-skelter scuffle, this is a type of battle where there are no rules in it. People who do it fight alone without any formation.
  2. Line to line, this is the type of fight that is followed and distinguished by the first boys, unmarried young men and adult men. There are rules in this fight.
  3. One to one, this is the kind of fight one on one of each person who is already experienced.

And maybe there are still other types of Russian fist fighting that haven’t been mentioned.

  • The Procedures and Rules in The Russian Fist Fighting

Before holding a fist battle, you must know about the procedures and rules in the fight. The procedure for doing a fist fighting is:

  1. Wait for the holidays. Russian fist fighting is usually done during major holidays. Especially around New Years’ time.
  2. Know your rights. Because at first the Russian fist fighting was opposed by the Russian Orthodox Church, but this battle was still carried out with the need for police to stand guard around the event. It will control the situation there.
  3. Gather your team. Russian fist fighting is a battle that is carried out by many people (mass). It will be very important if you find the right team for you.
  4. Tactics. This is what you really need so that your team can win Russian fist fighting.
  5. Sleep, eat and wear your armor. It would be very important to prepare yourself as best as possible and the team before starting the fight.
  6. Have a clean fight. When following the Russian fist fighting, you must follow the rules in order to avoid the tragedy that worsen the situation.

Then, the rules in Russian fist fighting are:

  1. Do not attack those who have been lying on the ground or those who bleed a lot.
  2. Don’t attack the audience and passersby.
  3. Do not attack from behind.
  4. Do not put heavy objects in the gloves you wear.
  5. You can only use your fist as your only weapon.

And maybe there are still other rules of Russian fist fighting that haven’t been mentioned.

  • Time to Hold Russian Fist Fighting

Russian fist fighting is usually held on major holidays. For example, during the New Year holidays and during Maslenitsa. The Russian fighting fist was also held in winter and summer. When it is summer, this fight is carried out in the square. While during the winter, this fight is carried on a frozen lake or river are covered with ice.

And maybe there are still some facts of fist fighting, a Russian style of boxing that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about the 4 facts of fist fighting, a Russian style of boxing. Are you interested in trying this Russian fist fighting?

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