Russian Sports: What Is Bandy?

Do you like to do sports? What kind of exercise do you do often? Or maybe what sport is your favorite?

Everyone has their own answers when we talk about sports they like. In this world there are many types of sports. Sometimes there are several types of sports that have different names even though it is actually the same type of sport.

But, did you know about the sport called Bandy? Did you know that Bandy is one of the sports in Russia?

I think there are still many of you who don’t know about this Bandy sport. Therefore, let’s look at Russian sports: what is Bandy?

As we know there are many types of sports that exist in each country in the world. Each country often has their own characteristic in a sport that originated from there. That’s what makes this sport unique or even become famous in other countries.

Every sport certainly has its own history, from how the sport was created to how to do it. Neither with the types of sports in Russia. Russia has many types of sports, one of these is Bandy. Have you ever heard or known about this type of sport?

Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about this Bandy sport. And this could be the first time you know the name of this sport, right? Therefore, to add information to you, this article will discuss Russian sports: what is Bandy?

  • About Russian Sport Bandy

Bandy is a type of winter sport in Russia. This sport is a type of sport that is played on ice in an indoor hall that has an ice floor or can be in other similar places. Such as when playing skate. At first glance, Bandy is actually more similar to hockey. Although both have some differences.

Bandy became one of the famous winter sports in the world championship after ice hockey. It is certainly also popular among Russians. This sport is played using bandy sticks and light balls. That is why Bandy faster when compared to hockey. Bandy has several types, one of which is called rink bandy.

  • History of Russian Sport Bandy

The beginning of the history of Bandy’s sport is still being debated. In the past, Bandy is also known as the Russian ice hockey or hockey on the ice. This sport arrived in Russia in 1898. In Russia, Bandy was played with a ball and became popular after playing on the frozen Neva river in Saint Petersburg.

Formerly a game similar to Bandy’s had been popular with Russian aristocrats since the early 1700s. In Russia, this bandy predecessor was played using ordinary footwear and sticks made from juniper wood. Skate blade used on shoes when playing Bandy in Russia longer than in other countries, this would make the ability of the Bandy players skating faster.

  • Difference Between Russian Sport Bandy and Hockey

Many people say that the Russian sport Bandy similar to ice hockey. But did you know that these two sports have many differences? For those of you who don’t know about this difference, here are some of them:

  1. Ice hockey is played using a hockey stick and puck, while the Russian sport Bandy using sticks similar hockey stick and ball.
  2. Each team in Bandy sports has 11 players, while each team in ice hockey has 6 players.
  3. The arena for Bandy sports is greater than the arena for ice hockey.
  4. Bandy is played in two parts, each for 45 minutes, while ice hockey is divided into three parts, 20 minutes each.

And there are many other differences that may be more specific.

  • Rules for Playing Russian Sport Bandy

Every sport certainly has its own rules before doing it. Neither before you do the Bandy sport. For those of you who don’t know the rules in Russian Bandy sports, here are some of them:

  1. Each team that plays consists of a maximum of 11 players in which a substitute is not included, while one must be the goalkeeper.
  2. Only goalkeepers are allowed to play the ball with their hands or arms.
  3. Equipment that must be worn by a Bandy player is a pair of skate shoes, helmets, face shields (specifically goalkeepers), mouth protectors, sticks, protectors of vital body parts and others.

And there are still many other Russian Bandy sports regulations that haven’t been mentioned above. Other regulations discuss the sports field, duration, calculation of goals scored and others.

  • Russian Sport Bandy Championship

Russian Bandy Sports have also existed in several championships both at national and world level. Some championships that compete in this sport are The Bandy World Championship for both men and women, Youth Bandy World Championship for young players. Bandy is also included in the list of sports that are contested at the Winter Olympics, the Asian Winter Games, the World Cup and several other types of championships.

  • About the Russian Bandy Federation

The Russian Bandy Federation is an organization that regulates Bandy sports in the Russian Federation. It was founded in 1992. The Federation is based in Moscow. The Russian Bandy Federation regulates the national leagues in Russia. The league is the top-level Russian Super Bandy League, the second-level League and the Russian Cup.

The Russian Bandy Federation has a president and four vice presidents. The vice president in The Russian Bandy Federation consists of the general manager of the Russian national Bandy team, head coach of the national Bandy team and others. This is where the talent for Bandy’s new player was discovered.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about Russian sport Bandy that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Russian sports: what is Bandy?

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