7 Best Place in St. Petersburg For Muslim Traveler

Russia is known as a country that has beautiful women. Russia also has halal destinations that can be used as one of travel purposes. One of Russia’s most visited destinations is St. Petersburg. The city is famous for its typical Russian-style buildings with its unique architecture. So, are there best place in St. Petersburg for Muslim traveler?

St. Peterburg is a port city located on the banks of the River Neva and Finskiy Bay. It is also an important center of industry, science and culture. St. Peterburg famous for many interesting places to visit. One of them is the National Library of Russia which has a collection of several Malay manuscripts, as well as the history of Malay.

Islam is considered a traditional religion that first entered Russia in the 8th century AD Islam was declared an official religion in Russia in 922 AD in Volga Bulgaria, Tatarstan. That’s why many historic areas in Russia are attractive to tourists from Muslim countries. See also Meal Time Etiquette in Russia

1. St. Petersburg Mosque, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Mosque, St. PetersburgOne of the most historically valued buildings, not only for Muslims, but also Russians in general, is the Great Mosque of Saint Petersburg. The mosque is located in a very strategic location in St. Petersburg. You can find a food stall around the mosque that sells food typical of central and east asia. Like kebabs, and more.

The dome is reminiscent of the architecture of a mosque built in Turkey in the sky blue. St. Petersburg Grand Mosque has two 49-meter-tall minarets and its main dome reaches 39 meters. Overall, this building can accommodate up to five thousand worshipers.

2. Grand Maket Russia, Miniature Museum, St. Petersburg

Grand Maket Russia, Miniature Museum, St. PetersburgThe next recomendation is Grand Maket, Miniature Museum. In addition to interesting, this museum is also a miniature of Russia from time to time. All the maket in this museum is done in a very detailed. Its meticulous starting from the architecture of the building to the people who complement all the activities that exist in the model. So it becomes as if life.


3. Russky Island Bridge

Russky Island BridgeOne of the must-visit landmarks in Russia is the bridge leading to Russky Island. This bridge will look beautiful like Ampera Bridge at night. At that time this bridge will emit a ray of light that makes the surrounding landscape look beautiful. Read also Halal Foods in Russia.




4. Palace Bridge

Palace BridgeSt. Petersburg is famous for its beautiful bridges. Bridge Palace is a bridge that is very popular among tourists. This bridge will open at night, so the ship can pass a river covered by a bridge during the day. What makes this bridge worth a visit? The glow of lights that adorn the palace bridge at night will be very beautiful to look at. With both sides opening, there will come ships that have been queuing up. The lights that bounce off the water on the Neva river will be amazing.

5. Stolby National Park, Krasnoyarsk

Stolby National Park, KrasnoyarskStolby National Park is a very challenging place for mountain climbers and adventure enthusiasts. The tall cliffs with natural rocks that formed make the scenery in Stolby National Park will leave a beautiful impression for you. The visitors can also interact directly with wildlife. Such as squirrels that popular in Marsha and Bear.



6. Hermitage Museum

Hermitage MuseumThis museum known as the largest museum in the world. Hermitage located in the famous Ploschad Dvortsovaya (Palace Square). The museum holds more than 3 million works of art from around the world. In addition to storing artwork, Hermitage Museum is also the imperial residence. That’s why, the visitors will be treated to a collection of art giants from around the world.

The collection dates from the Stone Age to the 20th century, with luxury and authentic interiors baroque to Empirical. Styles that match the epic designed in each room. Read also popular foods in Moscow during Ramadan

In this museum the visitors can admire the various furniture, rugs, textiles, tableware, tea sets, and artwork from around the world. The equipment is equally in all rooms, in dining rooms, bedrooms, thrones, and in a wide range of galleries. Some of the most popular exhibit objects in this museum are the Scythian gold collection. There are also Leonardo’s and Raphael’s Madonna paintings. In addition, a collection of works by Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt, Poussin, and a number of other French impressionist and modernist artists.

7. The Peterhof Palace

The Peterhof PalaceRussia also has a Palace that is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site named Peterhof. It consists of a series of palaces and gardens located in St. Petersburg. Its construction was inspired from the Palace of Versailles. The Great Peter who ordered to built the palace. So a series of constructions almost equaled the palace in France. Although some people say Peterhof Palace has its own beauty. Peterhof or the Summer Palace is one of the most popular landmarks in the city of Saint Petersburg. This place contains a palace that functioned as a museum and garden complex and fountain with various forms of gold-coated statues. This place is only open in spring until autumn. The palace will be closed in winter as part of the treatment.

That’s all some best place in St. Petersburg for Muslim traveler. There are still many places in St. Petersburg you deserve to visit. St. Peterseburg is famous for Russian culture and history. It can be seen from the buildings and construction of the city that retains its authenticity and classical. If you visit St. Petersburg you also do not have to worry because in this city has many restaurants with halal menu. See also popular foods in St. Petersburg during Ramadan and popular drinks in St. Petersburg during Ramadan

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