Education of Deaf-Blind for children in Russia

Russia is a country that has advanced civilization in any case including education. In this country education does not recognize age and limitations, both normal and visually impaired remains the main focus of the educational process. Education for children is the decisive factor for achieving quality continuous education. Russia is one country experiencing equal education for the disabled. In Russia there is also a special education for people with disabilities. This article will discuss about Education of Deaf-Blind for children in Russia.

Cause of the child is deaf

Before discussing Education of Deaf-Blind for children in Russia, you should first understand the cause of hearing impairment. The cause of children experiencing hearing deaf is caused into two categories, as below.

  1. Because of genetic factors, it occurs because there is a history of depression that experienced the same thing. This means that there are parents or descendants over the deaf children who also experienced deaf.
  2. Non-genetic causes;

Education of Deaf-Blind for children in Russia Exposed Rubella German Measles, This virus is able to kill the growth of cells and attack the tissues-the eye tissue, ears and or other organs. In addition, the inequalities between mother and child Rh (Rh + and Rh-) which resulted in a child suffering from meningitis, that is inflammation in the lining of the brain. Other conditions such as acoustic trauma may also result in the child experiencing deafness. This acoustic trauma can be caused by the sound of bisisng in a long time.

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As in Indonesia, deaf children’s education in russia also includes schools of inclusion. This inclusion education is a continuation of the hearing therapy model that has been done in deaf children since early childhood. This therapy focuses on the basics of hearing in order to get better. This education service should be given to children with special needs such as deaf children also should be more integrated and directed. Inclusive education for deaf children in russia has been done using the Oral Natural Auditory approach. Language is as a socially agreed arbitrary sound symbol system used by a group of community members to interact and identify.We highly recommend you to visit Learn Russian for Beginners Easily.

The purpose of inclusive education for deaf children

Various ways must be done by the government so that its citizens still get pendiikan. This is because education is the right of every person even if the person or child is hearing impaired or hearing impaired. One way the government in providing education for the disabled is through inclusive education for deaf children. Here is the purpose of inclusive education for deaf children, as below. Read more facts of education in russia.

  1. Deaf children can socialize and interact with other children of their own age in school and home environment.
  2. Deaf children must have an optimistic attitude to get out of the problem or communication problem for deaf children by providing better education.
  3. Deaf children can increase appreciation and empathy growth among normal children against special needs children.
  4. The government can intervene early by providing early detection, consultation, diagnosis, facilitator services and the provision of Coachlea Implants and Hearing Aids, treatments and services.
  5. Inclusion education is also a habilitation program that focuses on improving the way children communicate by using hearing as a starting point in interacting with the outside environment.
  6. In addition, this inclusive education program also provides equivalent special school services to be prepared on a regular educational path.

Communication methods in inclusive education

The major deficiency of deaf children is the late speech and language abilities. Therefore, a teacher must understand the communication methods that can be understood by the deaf child. Here are some methods of communicating with deaf children in inclusive schools, as below.

  1. Oral Method, this method by using spoken language by spreading the word firmly and slowly. This method is taught to deaf children with several stages. Here are the steps: `
    1. Speech building and speech (speech building & speech trainning).
    2. Understanding speech (speech reading)
    3. Hearing exercises (hear trainning)
  2. The method of reading speech, this method can take advantage of his vision to understand other people’s conversation through the lip motion and mimic the reader. In face-to-face with the other person, this method has its weaknesses not all spoken language sounds by orthiculation organs can be seen by the other person.
  3. Manual method (gesture), this method is often used the majority of deaf children to convey information to the interlocutor. This manual method often uses sign language and finger spelling (fingger spening)
  4. Total communication, this method is a way to apply various methods and media communications mentioned earlier such as finger spell signaling system, speech, reading utterance, increase the volume of sound by using hearing aids, drawing, writing, and take advantage of minimal hearing ability for children deaf.

This is a brief explanation of the Education of Deaf-Blind for children in Russia. This article is very useful for those of you who want to visit Russia so you can see the education system for deaf children. Since Russia provides those best facilities and offer a cheap education cost, we think you do not have to think twice to study in Russia. Russia also has unique language that will be additional language to learn. Prepare yourself and make sure you study hard to make your dream comes true.

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