10 Benefits of Learning Russian Language

Language is the main in communication. Besides communication, language also has many social and cultural functions. Language can be used as the opening path of the world’s horizon. To be able to interact at the world level, language skills are indispensable. Having foreign language skill will be benefits for people. Especially foreign language that include international language. Learning Russian language is benefits because many country used that language.

Benefits of Learning Russian Language

Language of the world now belongs to the Indo-European family. These include languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Hindi. Also Sino-Tibetan language, which includes Mandarin, Cantonese, and many others. Then Afro-Asiatic Afro-Arabic, Amhar, Somali, and Hebrew. The other Africa Bantu language, which includes Swahili, Zulu, Shona, and hundreds of other languages used in Africa. Russian language is one of the international languages. There are 11 benefits of learning Russian Language.

1. Russian is One of The International Language

Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations. Its widely used by about 300 million people worldwide. Almost all of the Russian speakers are residents living in the Soviet Union countries. There are 33,400 Russian speakers in non-Soviet countries, such as Finland. In the United States and Israel, there are about 700,000 to 750,000 who use Russian language in their daily lives.

2. Russia is a Big Country

Russia fill one-eighth of Earth’s land area. Its size is almost twice of United States. The Russian state have nine zones time. The population of Russia are 140 million inhabitants. There are 27 million its citizens living outside Russia. So there are 270 million people in worldwide who speak Russian. Russian is the official language in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Although not the official language in Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia and Estonia,  Russian language is widely used by citizens country.

3. Russia is a Country with Abundant Natural Resources

Russia is one of the world’s largest natural resource-producing countries. Oil, diamonds, gold, copper, manganese, uranium, silver, graphite, and platinum are natural resource of Russia. Russia is the world’s second-largest steelmaker after Japan. Its has reserves wood and trees are very abundant. Russia is also a country the world’s largest producer of natural gas. About 40% of all natural gas exists in the world is in Russia. Oil reserves are also only lost by the Arabs Arabia. If you bussinessman, cooperation with Russian will be great.

4. Russia is Hosting the 2018 World Cup Football

Russia has a strategic potition that few people know. In 2008, most population in Moscow are millionares. Where there are billionaires, money and opportunity will be there too. The election of Russia to host the 2018 World Cup seemed to be a proof of the statement. Your Russian language skill will be perfect if you join 2018 World Cup.

5. Russia is a “Different” Country

Life in Russia is very different from other countries. Everything has a unique “flavor” in Russia. Education system, health and politics in the country gives its own color. Learning Russian means learning the culture as well. All cultures are interesting to learn. You will feel the convenience to knowing it all if able to speak Russian.

6. Language of The Gamers

If you are a person who likes to play games, especially games online, mastering the Russian language can be benefits. A lot of players games have accounts with the Russian name. For a teamwork game, we are often placed in groups that contain the Russians. They are reluctant to communicate in English. Also Russian language skill will make easier for you to get the goods free on the internet. You will be able to get software and ebooks qualified if able to master the Russian language. Many domain sites provider of ebook ending in “dot ru”. Read also Colors in Russian Language

7. Increasing Indonesia’s Bargaining Position

The Indonesia-Russia relationship is currently improving. Various bilateral cooperation in various fields was done quite well. Russian people are very proud of their language. There are many Russian people who don’t want to speak English. So communication with them was difficult. Therefore, it is important for Indonesians to learn Russian language. It will make the colaboration with russian can be more smoothly.

8. Best Graduate Level in The World

Russia has the best graduate level in the world at 54%. This country has free education system guaranteed to all residents by the Constitution. But for subsidize in higher education admission is very competitive. As a result of science-oriented education, medical, mathematical, natural and aviation education in Russia is generally of good quality.

One area of cooperation between Indonesia and Russia is in education field. Every year, Russian government give opportunity to Indonesians to study in Russia. If you able to speak Russia, it will become easier to you to study in this country.

9. Russia is a Multicultural Country

Rusia is a multicultural country that is influenced by various cultures. The dominant culture there is the Greek Orthodox Church culture that has penetrated the joints of Russian people’s lives. The Orthodox Slavic Culture, the Islamic Tatars, the nomadic Buryat tribe, the paganism of the Far East add to the diversity in Russia. Benefits of learning Russian language is you can also learn culture from that various country.

10. Vacation

Russia is one of the countries with the largest size in the world, so it’s no wonder if there are so many beautiful places in Russia to visit. Tourists in Russia have increased rapidly since the end of the soviet era. The main destinations in Russia include trips around the Golden Ring. Its also trips to Volga, Kamchatka PeninsulaAltai Mountains and Trans-Siberian Railway. If you learn Russian, its not impossible to go to Russia for vacation.

That’s some benefits learning Russian Language. See also benefits of learning Russia at an early age and reason to learn Russian to feed your knowledge.

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