Do and Don’ts When Doing Business in Russia

Do you plan to come to Russia for your business needs? If yes, what have you prepared before going there?

In every country in the world, usually businessman from that country have etiquette that is done and that is not done in doing business with foreign businessman. A businessman who comes to visit for a business visit must also implement the etiquette there.

Then what kind of etiquette do business in Russia?

To add information to you, let’s look at do’s and don’ts when doing business in Russia.

On a business trip, a businessman will certainly find out about the business colleagues they will meet. Especially if a business colleague was coming from a different country. It would be very important to know how the culture and etiquette of doing business with foreign businessmen. It will add to your business relationship in the future.

In every country it usually has Do’s and Don’ts when conducting business meetings with colleagues from abroad. These things must be known and learned before starting a business trip. By doing so, the colleague that you visit will feel appreciate your efforts.

Similarly, if you are doing business in Russia with the Russians. They also have the Do’s and Don’ts when meeting with businessmen from outside Russia. So that you can get information and learn what you have to prepare before going on a business trip, in this article I will discuss the Do’s and Don’ts when doing business in Russia.

  • Pay Attention to Time and Always on Time

When you do business with Russians and have business meetings in Russia, you have to arrive on time. Punctuality is very important there. Russian businessmen are very punctual when meeting with businessmen from other countries. Even though not everything is like that now.

But you should not be offended if your Russian business partner is late at the meeting. This kind of thing will certainly test your patience, right? Therefore, before conducting a business meeting, it is better if you confirm in advance via telephone. You can contact your Russian business partner directly or through his secretary.

  • Don’t Use Their First Name as A Greeting. Remember Their Father’s Name

When you do business meetings with your business partners, you will usually greet them, right? However, there are things you should consider before greeting your Russian business partners. And I think it is quite important to keep in mind for the sake of politeness and respect their culture.

Never greet your Russian business colleagues using their first name. Unless you are invited and allowed to do so. It is important to appreciate the formality and authority of your Russian business partners. You will be much appreciated if greeting using a combination of name and father’s name of your Russian business partners. In a given business card there is usually the full name of your Russian business partner. It’s better to greet him with his full name.

  • Pay Attention to The Clothes You Wear for Business Meetings

Another thing you should consider before meeting with your Russian business partners is a style of clothing for your business meetings. Make sure if the business attire you are using is formal and conservative. It is important to increase your credibility as a businessman.

Usually business men will use dark suits and neatly arrange their hair. Business women usually use suits, skirts and blouses. Maybe it’s better than you use a dress even though the dress is formal. You can also add some accessories that will make you look better and not accessories that make your appearance stand out but seem odd.

  • Translate All Files and Things That Are Needed in The Business to Russian

When you have a business meeting with your Russian business partner, it is better if you first translate all document files into Russian. Although the majority of the Russian people can speak English, but they prefer communication in Russian. It is the official language there in business. Even though there are now many young business people in the city center who speak English.

You should also add the Russian language translation on the other side of your business card. Your Russian business partner will appreciate your interest in learning Russian.

  • Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Another important thing you should consider when conducting business meetings with your Russian business partner is your body language. For greetings, you must maintain your eye contact with your business partner and shake his hand firmly. You may not show the soles of shoes that you use. It would be considered rude and dirty by your Russian business partners.

Handshake is generally done with male business partners. For female business partners, usually only a nod of the head is considered sufficient. If you feel doubtful, you can wait for your female business partner to extend her hand first.

  • Don’t Be Too Hasty

Patience is the main key if you do business with Russians. You must be patient to wait for a decision. Negotiations and meetings with Russian business partners are often slow. Russian businessmen usually do not make decisions directly when the meeting took place. They will hold a private meeting to consider several things. At this point you have to be patient.

  • Time After the Business Meeting Has Finished

After the business meeting is over, the host may invite you to have lunch or dinner together. Maybe you will often hear questions about how you experienced while in Russia. Give praise about the country. This is the right moment for talking about topics outside of business.

For those of you who can’t drink alcohol, you can use refusal in a subtle and logical way. You just need to be good listeners. You will be able to add connections and strengthen your relationship with your Russian business partners.

I hope this article can really help you to find out about Do’s and Don’ts when doing business in Russia.

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