How Russian Women Succeed In Business

business russian womenBusiness is an activity that is very popular in today’s technology era. Because doing business is easier with the help of smartphones. In fact, many businesses start with small capital. And business not only sells goods, but also services. Even sometimes the service sector produces greater profits and small production costs. Of course the advantages and conveniences of this business attract many parties. And many people leave their profession because they see greater business profits and of course more challenging.

At this time, there are no more restrictions and differences between women and men. Especially in terms of success. Not only men who love and succeed in business. But women can too. Even many business women who are successful in the world such as Sheryl Sandberg, Irene Rosenfeld, and Marisa Mayer. This happened because there was no difference between men and women in getting education and starting a business. Likewise with the women in Russia.

Russia is a country with a population that likes business. Both men and women. Business is very popular among women in Russia, similar to other countries. Equality between men and women in Russia is more felt because they adhere to communism. Russian women also have their own ways to grow their business. Russia is one of the countries that highly values ​​friendship. This is what usually makes it easier for Russian women to grow their business. share knowledge with their friends and have many relationships to market the goods and services that become their business.

For those of you who want to know how Russian women are successful in their business, then in this article we will share with you. Here is how Russian women succeeded in business.

1. Perseverance

Perseverance is the main capital that must be owned by everyone who wants to start a business. Because it is very unlikely that the business will succeed immediately with just one experiment. You will have to sacrifice a lot at the beginning. This is the main reason why the business women in Russia are very successful. Namely because they really pursue what they live. No matter how much they fail, they will continue to be diligent in what they live. They will continue to try to achieve what they are targeting, given the many things they have sacrificed. Time, energy, mind, even their money.

One of the business women who succeeded in Russia was Alena Vladimirskaya. A Pruffi CEO, a social application where you can recommend your friends for work and get prizes. And Pruffi is one of the major service companies in Russia. Of course Alena gets this very brilliant result not only by turning the palm of the hand. There are lots of experiences and things thats he sacrificed. However, thanks to perseverance, she finally got an extraordinary result. Alena said “women do not need to obstruct their vision and think there is nothing left for them. They must always move forward! “Smiling. Of course the words can come out of her mouth because of her perseverance and experience in building a business. And now she has become one of the role models for beginner business women.

When you love something, then persevere. Because running something without perseverance will not work. You must imitate the Russian business woman who is very diligent with what they like.

2. Able To Take Advantage Of Opportunities

The second way that makes Russian women successful in business is their ability to take advantage of opportunities. Opportunities are one of the big capitals in business. Opportunities are the chances that you must immediately take advantage of when starting a business.

Opportunities of various types. When you get a scholarship on your campus, it is also an opportunity to start your business. Because one provision in starting a business is science. If you don’t have knowledge, maybe  you will get failure in your business. Another opportunity is to take advantage of current trends. You can use fashion and food trends as ideas for your business. And it is the way that Russian women often do in their business.

In addition, other things that are opportunities for you are hobbies. You can use your hobby to be a business. Like Russian business woman Sasha Olenina, founder of the Russian study startup Abroad. She really likes helping her friends to get scholarships abroad like her. She said “I like helping people, so I thought, how can I make a living from it?”. Sasha’s words are very impressive. She uses her hobby to help people become a very successful business today.

3. Be Brave And Confident

One of the main capital that you must have when starting your business is courage and confidence. And Russian women really apply this in building their business. they are very brave to accept risks and go through every challenge. They are also very confident in what they live. For them, as long as they live is a good thing and is liked by many people not only themselves, there is no problem to open a new business.

In addition, they are also very confident with their age. Not only adult women doing business in Russia, but also young women. This is what you should be able to follow from Russian women in their business. You have to be brave and believe what you live and what you will achieve.

4. Build Extensive Relationships

The next way that Russian women do in their business is to build extensive relationships. Relations are indeed the main capital in the business. Because it is through relationships that we can develop and market our products.

Russia is indeed famous for its culture of friendship. They really appreciate friendship. This is what really helps them in business. Many of them are following the business community to get knowledge from people who have been successful in business. And they also do not hesitate to help their partners build a business. Russian women share ideas and experiences for the betterment of their business. with the many relationships they have, marketing their products or services is very easy. This is a very important thing that you must emulate from a Russian woman in business.

That’s how Russian women succeeded in business. If you apply these methods in yourself, then most likely your business will be successful. You must be diligent, brave, able to take advantage of opportunities, confidence, and expand your relationships. Because business is a very popular thing right now, you will have many rivals. This is why you have to expand your relationships in business. So that you get a lot of regular customers. And your business becomes successful.

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