7 Best Way to Learn Russian For Free (must know!)

Russian is the main slavic language spoken in Russia as the official language. Besides Russia, some countries that use this language. Such as Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Turkmenistan, and other countries that were once part of the Soviet Union. What the best way to learn Russian for free, this article will explain for you.

7 Best Way to Learn Russian For Free

Russian is the one of the most speaker language. There are many language that have largest speaker such as Chinese, English, Spanish, and Hindi. Russian is also the official language of the United Nations and specialized agencies other than Arabic, French, Mandarin, English, and Spanish.

For a second, the pronunciation of the Russian similiar as Ukrainian and Belarusian. Its languages in Eastern Slavs, whose roots are from Old East Slavic Languages. This language is also influenced by the Slavonic Church which can be seen from the vocabulary, sentence form, and literary.

The Russian language is written in the Cyril script, a system of letters developed from the Glagolitic script. Its created by the brothers of St. Cyril and Methodius in the ninth century. Now consisting of eleven vowels, twenty consonants, and two soft signs, totaling thirty-three letters altogether.

In addition to Russia, the Cyril script is also used in writing several other languages. Its albeit with slight differences. The languages are Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazak, Tajik, and Mongol. The Cyril script is the third most widely language of the world after the Latin and Arabic script.

Learning how to speak Russian is not easy, but if you enter the time and effort you will get great benefits. Russian is a beautiful and complex language with over 150 million people using this language. There are some best way to learn russian language for free.

1. Learn Otodidac By Russian Language Textbook

Learning russian language with russian language textbook. You can use russian language book for basic language lesson. Learning the Russian language by yourself through the book will be very helpful. Because through books, usually language lessons will be more clear. You can learn from knowing letters, composing sentences, reading, writing. You have to take your time everyday to learn to be fast skillful.

2. Listening Russian Music

If you’re a person who likes to listen to music, one of the best way to learn Russian is by listening the music. Browse easy listening music, enjoy their music, and understand the lyrics. You can browse the meaning of lyrics. If you enjoy many Russian music, it will be help you to increase your vocabulary. There are many good singer in Russia. One of them is Polina Sergeyevna Gagarina who have smooth and amazing voice. She became popular since participate talent event in Russia, there is a rapper named Timur Ildarovich Yunusov. There is also Egor Kreed, a good looking and talented singer. He can both of sing and rap. You can also read Get to know Russian language from Russian music to increase your interest.

3. Get to Know Russian Culture

Russia is often associated with many things, ranging from ideology to cultural icons. Some are indeed the pride of Russian citizens, while some are just stereotypes. Some things about Russian culture and tradition can not be explained easily. Culture is always interesting thing that we can learn from other countries. Some people learn language from the culture. For example, if we learn the history, there are many symbol in Russian. If we have curiousty, we will get to know what’s the meaning of it. That will be helpful for us to increase our vocabulary. See also Chrismast tradition as Russian Culture to feed your knowledge.

4. Watch Russian TV

There are some Russian show that aired in Indonesia. For example cartoon Belka Shelka and Marsha and the Bear. If you watching Marsha and The Bear, you should watch that without dubbing. Watch that cartoon with original voice and english subtitle. Its more effective for your knowledge. If you like movies, there are many phenomenal movie from Russia. Find out the good Russian film that you interested, enjoy the film and increase your Russian words. Russia have many film that amazing, such as Matilda, Closeness, The Return. You can watch them to learn russian. Such as pronountation, intonation, and Russian dialect.

5. Interact with Russian People

The most effective way learn Russian language is by interact with Russian. Social media is commonly needed nowadays. Add some Russian people to your social media account. Make friends with them can help you learn Russian quickly. What they say in their account, you will be curious and get to know the meaning. You can also ask anything with them if you already close. Become friends with foreign people also help you someday. Especially for you who have plan abroad.

6. Use Software or Game in Russian Language

This methods suit for you who like playing game. Many free download game in Russian language. Don’t be replaced with english. So you will find out the meaning and increase your vocabulary. This way, you can learn Russian rapidly because inevitably you have to find the meaning. If you like play game online, you must have met player use Russian. You can find out their words meaning, so your Russian may increase.

7. Learn Russian by Internet

Internet can feed you everything. Of course if you want learn russian language, internet can be helpful. You can find out many online course for russian language in internet. For Indonesian, there are RBTH. Its online Russian course for free. RBTH also give you course sertificat. Besides, many websites provide free russian learning.

You can download many things from the internet. For example you can download ebook from the internet about learning russian language. Many website give you knowledge about russian. The culture, movie, music, and russian language. Read here to know tips to learn russian language effectively.

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