8 Reason Learning Russian is Important

What do you imagine so hear the Russian name? Artillery sophistication? An animated character named Marsha in the animated film Marsha and The Bear? Or the national language? Here we will explain reason learning Russian is Important.

8 Reason Learning Russian is Important

This famous country uses Russian as a means of daily communication. Russian is a Slavic language that is an Indo-European language family. This language used by Slavic people in Eastern Europe. In addition to being spoken by Russians, this language is also used in countries such as Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kirgiztan. In terms of number of speakers, Russian is the fifth largest language after English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Hindi. This language became the official language of the United Nations and Commonwealth of Independent States.

This language is very unique. Unlike English or Indonesian written in Latin script. The Russian language comes with a distinctive alphabet called the Cyrillic alphabet. This alphabet was created by Saint Cyrill and Methodius, an Eastern-Roman missionary in the IX century AD. He translate Christianity into Old Slavic languages. This alphabet has been used in Russia in the early Middle Ages. Then simplified the number and its writing during the reign of Tsar Peter the Great and standardized as the Russian language.

The Russian language is written using Cyrillic alphabet (kirillitsa). Its has 33 letters, consisting of eleven vowels and twenty consonants and two soft and hard markers. This cyrillic alphabet letter is very unique. There are several letters that have Latin and pronunciation alike, such as “A”, “M”, “K”, “O”, and “T”. There are also letters whose pronunciation differs from the latin form, such as “E”, “C”, “Я”, “И”, and number “3”. Other uniqueness is that there are letters that look like a symbol, the letters “Д”, “Л”, “Ж”, “Ф”, and others. See also the learn Russian for beginner.

Russian is still not very popular among Indonesians, although some learning institutions have provided this language as a subject. However, Russian is equally important from English to learn. Why is that?

1. Numerous Speakers

As reported by wikipedia in a specific list of ethnological estimates of 1999, Russian is the 7th largest number of speakers in the world with an estimated 145 million speakers. It is not as much as the English (402 million speakers) that has become the international language spoken in almost all countries of the world. Russian is used only in some Eastern European countries, Central Asia and beyond. The Russian Federation is the most Russian-speaking country.

2. Bussiness Colaboration

Russia today are in transition to democratization and the market economy. In this period, there are various changes and striking differences in the various joints of Russian life. The rolling of the MEA (ASEAN Economic Community) has had an impact on the labor sector in Indonesia. The presence of this policy provides a great opportunity for job seekers. Its namely the ease of finding employment abroad. Well, if by chance the company you are applying to is a company owned by Russian investors, it would be very important to learn Russian language to meet the qualifications set by the company.

3. Getting a job

Obviously the chances are very wide-open if you speak Russian. Considering the number of countries that use Russian language quite a lot (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Krigizstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenida, Azerbaijan, Georgia and of course Russia). Even without having to go to that countries, Russian language skills stil work for you. You can getting job by that skill such as a language teacher, sworn translator, tour guide or work at the embassy.

4. Pride of Its Own

Russian is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Being able to learn Russian is obviously a matter of pride. Russian given the not so simple pronunciation of sentences. The alphabet is hard to remember. Also still a bit Russian language learning reference. You can also learn some prepositional case noun and preposition adjective.

5. Getting a Learning Scholarship

Russian government give chance to Indonesian student to study in Russia. Of course that all by Russian scholarship. GPA, IELTS, TOEFL, there are many applicant have it. If you have ability to speak Russian, it will be perfect. Because there are not many people can speak Russia.

6. Get a Residence Permit in Russia

Most of the Russian people can not speak English. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in understanding the communication that is established with the local people. Traffic signs or other information boards are generally in Russiam, so it’s important that you learn Russian.

Getting permission to live in Russia is not easy. If you are currently in a relationship with a Russian citizen, you must learn Russian language now. Even though you are married to Russian citizens, the residence permit remains one of the hardest things to get. To get a residence permit in Russia you have to pass several test stages like health, Russian history, Russian politics and of course Russian language. This is one reason learning Russian is important.

7. Few Indonesians Mastered

What if you are applying for a job and then you are presented with the question “What Language Do You Have?” then you answer RUSSIA from one of the languages you master. Definitely, you have plus point. Who will reject someone with a skill rarely owned by others? Especially for you who have Russian skill. Its can be maintained for the future of the company. Having rare skill is always give you a value. So, that the reason learning Russian is important.

8. Engaging Russian Women

Reason learning Russian is important. It’s no secret if total of women in Russia more than men’s. Also it is not a secret that Russia is one of the countries with the most beautiful women in the world. Especially for men and still single, opportunities like this can be used to hook Russian women. Language ability will be a support to approach Russian women. Russians women are still so difficult with English or other foreign languages. As well as people Russia really likes with foreigners who know Russian culture and language.

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