3 Best Indonesia Travel Companies To Russia

HIS travelHoliday is indeed a necessity that must be fulfilled by some people. Because for those who have a tiring routine, holiday will be a sedative. In this modern era, it’s very easy if you want to vacation abroad though. And Russia is one of the countries that is a visit of nature lovers and lovers of Russian culture.

Russia is a country with a million charms. No one will be able to resist the beauty of nature and its unique culture. As the largest country in the world, Russia does have an allure that other countries may not have. Especially its natural beauty. Various landscapes are found in Russia. Starting from the mountains such as Mount Elbrus, very beautiful karst caves such as Kungur Ice Cave, and high cliffs that are phenomenal, namely Lena Pillars, even the most amazing forest, Virgin Komi Forests. This unique and rare natural beauty is an attraction for tourists with adventurous souls.

Not only natural appearance. Russia is also rich in culture and typical items that you can bring home as souvenirs. One of the most famous cultures is Beryozka Dance. That is the dance played by the girls as if they were flying softly and timidly. And the most famous item from Russia is the Matryoshka doll. Namely a doll that can be filled with a smaller doll again. Very unique, right?

Then, what if you want to visit Russia? Take it easy, now there’s nothing difficult. You can go and enjoy the beauty of Russia with your loved ones through a travel company. And in this article, we have presented 3 best Indonesian travel companies to Russia. You can choose the travel companies that we recommend for you.

1. HIS Travel

The first travel company that we recommend to you is HIS Travel. HIS Travel is a travel company that already has many branches in various countries. Among them are in Indonesia and Malaysia. This travel company provides various attractive facilities for you. Starting from airplane tickets, various tours (tour groups, individual tours, cruise, Umrah, Moslem tour), transportation, tour guides, and WiFi.

They offer various destinations in Russia. Even to all countries. You can choose where to go on vacation. And they provide advice on the best destinations in Russia. Like the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, Bolshoi Theater, Red Square, Kremlin, and also various destinations in St. Petersburg.

HIS Travel will serve your trip in total. And to know the cost, you must register first. If you are interested in vacationing in Russia with HIS travel company services, you can visit his office at Mid Plaza Head Office on Jl. Jendral Sudirman, Jakarta. Or you can also open the website directly at www.his-travel.co.id.

2. Bayu Buana Travel

The next travel company that we recommend is Bayu Buana Travel. This travel company has been established more than 40 years ago and has 22 branches in Indonesia. This travel company also won the title of Top Agent for 25 years and has received an ISO 9001 certificate. So, we recommend this travel company for those of you who want to vacation in Russia or other countries. Because the service is very safe and comfortable.

If you use this travel you will get complete facilities, namely:

  1. Flight ticket. Bayu Buana Travel provides airline tickets that are complete and are regularly added. Regarding flight tickets you don’t need to hesitate. Because Bayu Buana Travel has worked with various airlines.
  2. Hotel. Bayu Buana Travel has established a division that specializes in handling all hotel bookings. The online hotel booking platform helps their customers get price confirmation quickly and at competitive prices.
  3. Travel insurance. This travel company provides travel insurance for companies and individuals. They work with various insurance companies such as Chubb, Assist, Allianz, and ABDA.
  4. Passport and Visa. Arranging travel documents. Bayuuana travel also provides services for making passports and visas to various countries.
  5. Providing tour packages. To get maximum tourist satisfaction, they also provide tour packages to various countries. And of course you will get a cheaper price.

If you are interested in using this travel company service, you can see more information on their website www.bayubuanatravel.com.

3. Liburanhemat.com

Next is vacationhemat.com. This online travel company offers a 7 day 6 night russian tour package. This travel company provides complete facilities as well, namely:

  1. Hotel lodging. You don’t have to bother looking for a hotel and worry about thinking about taxes. Because Liburanhemat.com has provided hotels, breakfast and taxes as well as standard room service if you take this package
  2. This travel company provides tourist cars AC, mini buses, or buses, according to the number of groups
  3. English and Chinese tour guides
  4. Train tickets from Moscow – St. Petersburg
  5. Lunch 5x at a local restaurant
  6. Dinner 6x at a local restaurant
  7. Flight tickets Jakarta – Moscow and St. Petersburg – Jakarta

But this company does not provide visa and passport management facilities. You must arrange your passport and visa yourself. However, the facilities they offer are really good. You can try the package they offer. For more information, you can see on their website, www.liburanhemat.com.

That’s the 3 best Indonesian travel companies to Russia that we present to you. Isn’t it difficult to vacation in Russia? You only need to contact and see full information on the travel company website that we mentioned earlier. And you can consider which travel company you think best.

Of course, you want to go on vacation to Russia sooner later this year. Because going to Russia is quite easy and does not have to bother looking for hotels and transportation. Celebrating the new year in Russia will definitely be an unforgettable moment in your life. And what you should know, Russia is the first country to celebrate the new year. Because the time there is earlier than other countries. If you are interested in celebrating the new year in Russia, immediately contact the best Indonesian travel company that we have presented. Hopefully, our article can help you!

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