Unique things you should buy in 10 places in Russia

When it comes to shopping in Russia, this country provides plenty of choices. There are plenty of items, local and imported, to choose for while you’re shopping in Russia. For shopping place, malls and street markets are available to spend your money. Branded shops, as well as street market, provide a nice shopping experience for […]

9 Cheap and Tasty Markets in Moscow – Russia

Strolling in the street of Moscow, or in luxurious Moscow shopping malls, you might wonder where Moscow locals go shopping, especially for daily necessities such as food and clothes. Not everyone likes to go to the mall every day, and certainly not for cheap goods. This is where markets, especially street markets become favorites. Street […]

9 Beautiful World Heritage Sites in Russia you should visit!

Russia is no short of UNESCO world heritage sites. In total there are 28 recognized sites, in which 17 sites are cultural, while the other 11 are natural. The abundance of these sites will make a lifetime not enough to explore all of them. Therefore, Here we’ve made a list of the 9 Beautiful World […]

8 Best Street Markets in St.Petersburg – Russia

Shopping at street markets in St. Petersburg requires more than a good pair of eyes for the good items. You have to know how to get around the market and speak Russian with the vendors. There’s high chance that the seller won’t know basic English unlike at big shopping malls. If you’re a shopping addict, […]

8 Famous landmarks in red square – Moscow

Some can say that this place is one stop destination for many historical monuments of Russia. This is true when you’re in Red Square, just take a 360 view and realize, that every corner of the square displays at least distinct monument. You’ll be confused what to visit first. Hence, here we created a list […]

10 best historical spots in Russia that will stun you up!

Russian history traces back even to millennia ago. This is apparent in many historical places that spread all over the country. Visitors may have a hard time to choose what to visit because of the overwhelming choices. Therefore, we’ve created a list of 10 best historical spots in Russia that will stun you up! 1. […]

10 Best Selling Items in Russia That Worth to Buy

Have you ever wondered what Russian loves to buy? What are the products that can be separated into Russians daily life? Maybe you want to try some of the products as well. Or maybe you want to buy some to bring back to your country. Whatever your reason, we’ve listed 11 best selling items here […]

10 Luxurious Shopping Mall in Russia to spend your money

Russia has endless shopping choices for every shopping lover. In Moscow alone, there are a lot of famous shopping outlets. Markets and souvenir shops also plenty. They can be found anywhere in every part of the country. But what about shopping malls. Everyone loves shopping Mall. They are a one-stop destination for shopping. It’s where you […]

8 Branded Shopping Center in St. Petersburg

Tourists visit St. Petersburg in general because of the rich history and culture. The city is old and full of wonderful heritage buildings dated back since centuries ago. Walking down to the street of St. Petersburg, tourists will feel like they’re transported to another era. The architecture of St Petersburg is a top notch. The […]

5 Best Central Factory Outlet in Russia

Russia is vast and big. Well, this not a new information. Russia is diverse for its culture, history and even nature. And it is the biggest country in the world. For tourists, this also means there are a lot of things to do in Russia. A lot of things to explore. Whether it’s the architecture, […]