Ogoy Island vs Olkhon Island; Which Place is Better to Spend the Winter Season?

Most of the way up to Lake Baikal‘s western shore and came to by a short ship venture from Sakhyurta (otherwise known as MRS), there is a lovely Olkhon Island which is a magnificent spot to see the lake and unwind during travel through Siberia. Considered one of five worldwide posts of shamanic energy by the Buryat individuals, the 72-kilometer-long island’s ‘capital’ is the unattractive town of Khuzhir (Хужир) which has seen a significant genuine vacationer boom in the course of the most recent couple of years, unrealistically activated by a song about Baikal winning a TV challenge in China. 

Just off the Olkhon Island, there is the small island of Ogoy. It is home to a Buddhist hallowed place that was worked in 2005. It is actually a stupa, an otherworldly landmark that expels cynicism, and is a place of a journey for sightseers and local people. This heavenly spot will reach inside the profundities of your awareness so that the modern world never again influences your being. The stupa of edification symbolizes the objective of the Buddhist path. This objective is to comprehend one’s own mind. It is where love is communicated with wonderful power; where you can get congruity with the earth, and this amicability is experienced by being encompassed with the living intensity of nature.

Both seem like an interesting place to visit in Russia. However, Ogoy Island vs Olkhon Island, which place is better to spend the winter season? Keep on reading this article because we are about to break it down what these spots offer to travelers.

About Ogoy Island

Start from probably the biggest city of Serbia, you might want to proceed for serene walks around Khuzhir, journeys toward the north of the island of Olkhon, and an extra outing to the picturesque Island of Ogoy. You can go through the day at relaxation or go for an extra trip to the island of Ogoy.

March is the best time to go to the island over the ice driving a vehicle or minibus. The frozen lake opens a full range of ice streets that can be taken to the spots not accessible in the summer.

During hardly any days, it is conceivable to explore a gigantic wide range of destinations around Olkhon Island, one of them is Ogoy Island. Natural air, experiences on ice, incredible organization of individual voyagers, warm inviting hosts, and extraordinary fresh local nourishment, you can get it all there. Basic, sound, and fun occasions ensured.

About Olkhon Island

Olkhon is the fourth-biggest lake-bound island on the planet. It is by a long shot the biggest island in Lake Baikal with a region of 730 square kilometers. There are two adaptations with respect to the birthplace name of the island and both are gotten from the language of the Buryats, the indigenous individuals of Olkhon. The first is that the island’s name signifies “woody” and the second is that it signifies “dry”. The two words portray the island consummately. One-third of the island is secured by woods and the measure of precipitation is very low, around 240 millimeters for each year.

Olkhon Island is noteworthy and consecrated focus of the Baikal. Additionally, it is the most established focus of development, popular for its secretive caverns, rock artworks, old legends, and historical customs. So, many people enthusiastically recommend these sorts of visits to everyone who is intrigued in the Baikal nature as well as in supernatural and spiritualist spots of the Lake.

Have Both in One Go

Visiting Olkhon Island is much the same as going back in time, an adventure back to nature. You will always remember the excursion to Olkhon Island in light of the fact that from numerous points of view, it would wash down your spirit. Olkhon Island is situated in the world’s largest and most profound freshwater lake, Lake Baikal, which is relevantly named “Little Forest” (in the local Buryat Tongue). 

Ogoy Island is a very huge island in Maloe More (Small Sea) that is situated alongside Baikal Lake. The most intriguing thing about this spot is that it was rarely inhabited. Meanwhile, Olkhon is the biggest island in the territory. The island is known as the Sacral focal point of Baikal and well known with its antiquated legends and stories.

Indeed, the most ideal approaches to enjoy the Great and Mighty Lake Baikal is to voyage along this lovely lake in the winter. You will have the option to watch the endemic of the lake, frozen water seals, visit Olkhon Island with Burkhan Rock, the living arrangement of God of the Lake a.k.a. one of the nine havens of Asia, and the Ogoy Island with Buddhist Stupa which symbolized Sumeru, the focal world-mountain in Buddhist cosmology and the acclaimed Chivyrkuysky Bay with its completely clear hot spring in Zmeyinnaya creek (of ‘snake’ on account of the province of harmless grass snakes).

Toward the beginning of the day, you can reach Ogoy Island by ship. On the off chance that the climate permits, you can go aground by a raft (30 – 40 minutes) to have a walking tour through the island and visit the Stupa of Enlightenment. 

Toward the evening, if once again the climate permits, you can go shorewards by a raft (30 – 40 minutes) on Olkhon Island (Khuzhir settlement) to meet a local Shaman and watch a ceremony at the well known Shaman Rock.

Irkutsk city is the entryway to lake Baikal. Beginning by exploring the city and its surroundings will transform into the search of the best approach to get to the lake, to Listvyanka to be exact. You might even have the opportunity to visit Lake Baikal Museum with a cool aquarium, the canine homestead where you can get a ride, and visit genuine Russian metal forger workshop. There are also local fish and souvenirs showcase and other cool places that can make somebody miss the last minibus back to Irkutsk.

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