5 Things That Must be There in Russian Christmas Tree

During Christmas time, we want to make our house has the vibe of Christmas. To do so, we can do several things. For example, you can put on some Christmas songs. Listening to some of the Christmas music, singing along to it, while doing your daily activities will indeed help you to feel the spirit of Christmas. Besides that, you can start to put on some Christmas socks on your fireplace. One of the Christmas cultures says that Santa Claus will come and put our presents inside the socks. Usually, people will place their most festive Christmas socks in the color of green or red in the number of members of the family.

Another thing that makes you feel the Christmas spirit is the delicious smell of the Christmas cookies. People will bake batches of cookies which later they will serve their families and friends. They will also use this time as a chance for their children to do some cake and cookies decorations.

Besides all of those things stated above, there is another thing we can forget during Christmas. Yes, the Christmas tree. Putting up the Christmas tree inside your house and decorate it will make your Christmas even more festive and fun. Decorating the tree is one of the most fun times where you can involve the whole family. So, what 5 things must be there in the Russian Christmas tree? Let’s find out!

Russian Christmas Tree

There are many kinds of ornaments we can use to decorate our Christmas tree. The most common one is a star at the top of the tree. Besides that, many cultures must have unique decorations of the tree. Here are the things that must be there in Russian Christmas tree

  • Colorful Church Domes

As we all know, there are many churches in Russia which are popular for its dome. Many Russians love this beautiful dome and they want to have them as the decoration of their Christmas tree. You can find this church domes ornament in the market in Russia. they are provided in various colors. There are green, golden, red, and orange. These all will go great with the green color of your tree.

  • Pickles

Yes, you read it right. Pickles. Russian are known for pickling their food, especially their vegetables. This is their way to keep themselves provided with enough vegetables during the wintertime. They do this especially for the vegetables who are not going to survive on the low temperature.

As one of the many things that Russia knew of, pickle is indeed one of the things that must be there in the Russian Christmas tree. You can find pickled cucumber with a golden string at the top of it. You can put on this ornament on your tree and it will remind you of one of Russia’s culture, pickling.

  • Favorite Cartoon Characters

During your childhood, you must have some favorite cartoon characters. For example, if you watched Disney cartoon, you might find some of the characters as your favorites, such as the Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse. At that young age, you must be very happy if you got your favorite character in the form of the little figurine, dolls, or anything else. This is what the Russians do. As a reminiscence of their childhood, they find it a great idea to turn some of these characters into Christmas tree decorations. You can find many kinds of cartoons, such as Crocodile Gena his friend Cheburashka. Besides that, you can also find Masha and The Bear, who gains international recognition. Other Christmas tree’s ornaments are out of the cartoon characters popular in Russia. they are Hedgehog In The Fog, the wold and the hare from “Nu, Pogodi”, and the hockey players from “Syaybu! Syaybu!”.

  • Everyday Objects

Many of you must prefer everyday objects than religious decorations. This is also a very common thing in Russia since initially, they use the Christmas tree for New Year’s decoration. If you are also this kind of person, you can find many kinds of everyday objects. Things like the telephone are the festive color of blue is one of the ornaments you can find in the market. Besides that, for the sake of the good memory, you can also buy the ornament in the shape of Russia’s spaceship.

  • The Classic

It is very common for everybody to put on a star at the top of the Christmas tree. To make it a bit different, Russians usually use the Kremlin red star instead of the common golden one. Another classic thing that is going to work every time to make your tree festive is the Christmas lights. Put it on all over the tree and let it spread the light up all over the room.

Those are the things that must be there in the Russian Christmas tree. Which one you are going to put on on your tree?

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