Amazing Winter Outdoor Games in Russia; Put Out Your Jacket!

There are many activities you can do during the summertime. If you like to spend some quiet time, you can go fishing. You just need to pack you fishing gears and bring your family and friend to a lake, where you can get as many fish as you want. If you want to feel a little bit of freshness on your skin, you can go to the beach where you can go swimming. If you bring little children with you, this is also a great place to play and build sandcastles together. For you who want to enjoy even more of the sunshine, you can just lay around on the beach and enjoy some sunbathing.

Besides swimming, summertime is also suitable to do some other kinds of sports. You can go hiking where you can get some fresh air while seeing beautiful views all around you. Besides that, you can also take your family to go for some bike ridings. Summertime is also the time where many students are on holiday. You can use this time to bring the little kids to go to the museums or other historical places where they can learn while having fun at the same time.

Just like the summertime, there are also many things to do during the cold season. You just have to remember to wear your warmest clothes before you go outside. So, here are amazing winter outdoor games in Russia. Put on your jacket and enjoy your time!

Outdoor Games For Your Winter In Russia

During winter, you might think that there are only limited things to do. For outdoorsy people, they might miss doing some activities outside. Worry not! We are going to learn together the amazing winter outdoor games in Russia. Put on your jacket before leaving your house and get excited by the games!

  • Winter Sports In Russia

If you want to enjoy winter in Russia, make sure that you travel there between October and March or April at the latest. During the winter season, the first outdoor game you can think of is skiing. One of the best places where you can enjoy the snow-covered slopes is the ski resort of the Ural Mountains. If you are also looking for a chance to snowboard, you can go to the Moroznaya Mountain ski resort where you can end your day at the natural hot springs.

Do you want to try ice fishing? This outdoor activity is very popular in Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands. The best time to do this is between December and April. So, make sure you get there on time so you can stay at the nearest resort.

You also need to try other types of winter sports. Dog sledding, reindeer sledding, and snowmobiling are other fun winter sports where you can find all over Russia. Not only those are considered sports, but they are also great chances for you to learn how to lead the animals to get you to your destination.

  • Extreme Winter Sport

We already talk about skiing in Russia. That is indeed one of the most popular winter outdoor games among Russians and tourists. But, besides that, for you who have an adventurous soul, you might want a slightly different kind of skiing. This one is called heli-skiing, which is a ski where it is required for you to jump out of the helicopter down to the mountain slopes.

This extreme outdoor sport is possible to do in Russia thanks to the winter environment it has, especially in the far east area. One of the popular track is the one in Yakutia, a place is widely known as the Pole of Cold. This is even named as the coldest spot of the world because the temperature there can get as low as -89.2 oC.

  • Ice Skating At Red Square

Who does not know the famous Red Square? This central beauty of Moscow is an open-air ice-rink during the wintertime. If you want to get this experience, make sure that you go to Moscow between the end of November up to the end of February. You can start skiing here from 10 am to 11.30 pm. It will cost you around 10 USD per hour. If you do not bring your skates, worry not, they will provide you with rented skates.

It is a fun experience because of your skating activity, you will be accompanied by the beat of various kinds of music, from retro soviet songs to the holiday melodies. The view is even more beautiful because there are decorated Christmas trees everywhere.

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