10 Fun Tips To Do Traveling With Your Russian Spouse

Traveling has become a lifestyle of today. Not necessarily to the same destination and not necessarily traveling with the same people. Most people go traveling with friends, relatives, or even sometimes with people newly known to fellow open trip groups. See also Best Places for Muslim Traveler in Moscow

Well, one more that must be done almost everyone who has a partner is traveling with their partner. Looking around seems to have become a trend as well if you go traveling with backpacker style with your spouse. Indeed, the sensation sounds fun as well as challenging. But surely crossed the mind “Will traveling with your partner will run well?”

To answer the question it’s good to think carefully before planning a trip with your partner. These are fun tips to do traveling with your spouse.

1. Plan Traveling Destinations With Mature and Clear

If you want to travel with your partner traveling fun and also be a good memory, plan carefully the trip. Talk about important things like cost, budget, travel destinations, when to go, where to stay and to do list you will do during the destination country. Read also Best Places During Winter in Russia

Talk about the above mentioned things from long ago. Most ideal 3 months before departing. Do not get there when there is not enough planning. You and your partner will be noisy because of trivial matters such as change of schedule or even swell of holiday budget during there.

2. Shared Responsibilities With Couples

Do trip planning do together so that the results will be in accordance with the wishes of each. For tasks, for example, you are on duty to keep checking the online ticketing site, while your partner is in charge of checking the airplane info.  If from the beginning there has been a braid of cooperation like this, undoubtedly on the way both of you will undergo a fun holiday together. Guaranteed from the first day of departure until returning home, you will have a very pleasant journey.

4. Create a Consistent and Neat Itinerary

The next fun tips to do traveling with your spouse is set up a neat itinerary and of course you obey. During the journey from your heart must be consistent with the itinerary you have created. Do not forget to set aside the ego first.

If there should be a change of schedule or a change of plan previously arranged in the itinerary, you two should discuss it first. If you have to suddenly move to a destination outside of the country you are visiting, be sure to check the online ticketing site first. You should find tket as cheap as possible so that the budget does not bolt far from the forecast. You may see also Best Halal Restaurant in Moscow

5. Manage Finance As Possibly

Happy traveling with your partner must have a financial agreement that you have during the holidays. Make an agreement how the budget will be spent every day for both. For example, you have a daily budget of 200,000 and your partner has a daily budget of Rp300.000.  Make an agreement how you divide the budget for a life together while there. Do not get just because of budget problems like this you’re going to be fussing about the unnecessary stuff. Therefore plan carefully the budget during the holidays per day there.

6. Find a Romantic and Fun Place

If the holidays are already in progress, look for fun places that you and your partner will visit. For example mountain climbing, camping, diving, or souvenir shopping for people at home. Because this experience will definitely make your relationship with your partner become more harmonious. Of course it will also be very fun to make a new experience that you have never done with your partner.

In addition to visiting some tourist attractions during a vacation, like a new bride do not forget to invite your partner to visit places that memorable. Like seeing the sunset together on the beach, a romantic dinner, or a walk on the beach while watching the waves of the sea while holding hands. See also Best Destinations in Russia to Travelling

7. Select Appropriate Lodging

This is the things you may rarely do together at home because of busyness. Therefore, do not forget to look for lodging if your vacation time long enough. Choose a hotel or resort is quite comfortable. It does not have to be five-star, but the selection of the right lodging can make a boring relationship can be re-harmonious. While staying, of course you can at once feel the honeymoon with your partner.


8. Utilize Vacation Packages

If you do not want to be bothered with any holiday expenses, you can take advantage of holiday package options from travel agents. The advantage of holiday package is you do not have to worry about the destination problem because it is already in the package.

You will also get adequate facilities and lodging places at a fairly cheap price. One of the many chosen by the couple is the Bali honeymoon package. If you and your spouse like a sea-based resort or plan to do beach-related activities, then Bali honeymoon package is the most appropriate choice.

9. Make a Little Holiday Moment

In addition to vacation activities together, give small surprises for your partner to make your holiday more romantic. Like giving something your partner loves or things you and your partner have never done before. For example, invite your partner to climb the mountain and give it a surprise when on top of the peak, or you can also sing a romantic song while looking at your two beautiful eyeballs.

10. Do not Forget to Capture the Holiday Moment

Do not let you and your spouse miss the holiday moments without a picture together. Tips for the holiday with the last couple is do not forget to bring the camera. Whether it’s a mobile phone camera or DSLR camera you and your partner can use as a venue for a photo together, although in some tourist attractions have provided mobile photo services.

But it would be better if you bring a personal camera to capture your vacation moments with your partner. Because the results of these photos you can reopen when your vacation with a partner has ended. In addition, bringing a personal camera can also save costs.

Thats all some fun tips to do traveling with your Russian spouse. Lets holiday! Read also Best Halal Restaurant in St. Petersburg

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