7 Things To Expect When You Become An International Student In Russia

international students in russiaThe massive promotion about the great and amazing life as an International Students may sound too good to be true. There are facts about Advantages Of Studying In Russia For International Students that in reality may differ for other people. University can claim many things, surveys and review can depict excellent numbers. But are you among the common numbers? Did the universities do exactly as their brochures said?. There are things to expect when you become International students in Russia and here are some of them.

  1. Easy Admissions

There is no fee, no donation and no hassle when it comes to applying in any reputable universities. If your gut said there is something wrong with the information, then it probably is. There is no guarantee all process start well because there are many people involved. If the applying process becomes harder, usually it is because some people demand money at the side, nothing to do with the right process.

Choose only from the most reputable and Most Favorite University For International Students that save you the time and energy to check and recheck everything. If it sits in the most top best university in Russia. The chance are all enrollment process is reliable.

2. Translate Documents

If you are coming from a non-Russian country as International students. One of the most important things to do is to prepare all the paper works. You will need to have everything translated with the reputable agency. There are many Best Indonesia Travel Companies To Russia that provide educational consultation that you can turn into.  if your documents are Indonesia, to make thing easier you need all of the translated to English and make all the important documentation.

3. Learn Russian

Among most Affordable University In Russia For International Students gives all class in English. However, don’t expect this is always the case. Russian are very proud of their language and lecturer may not all of them speak fluent English. Moreover, by learning Russian you got to experience the full Russian experience and better communication skills.

Information online based on international students may give a horrifying experience where the English class is only provided in the first two years and the rest is in Russia. Therefore, it is best to check with the university administrator or the university student association. usually, people from the same background will have an active social media to help each other in a foreign country. If you don’t ask a question and dig deeper, you can really blame anyone if the truth is far from reality.

  1. Be the first to greet

The very advance accommodation also student clubs or association still need the good old ice breaker to clear the air. Russian are friendly and welcoming to foreigners and also international students. However, don’t expect them to greet you first and left you wondering why everyone is so mean to you.

One of the Russian Personality Traits of Russian You Must Know they study hard, play hard and mind their own business. The world never knows Russian to be friendly, cheerful and makes friends easily. However, when they do become your best friends they will shower you with gifts and affection. Be ready and expect to make the first move as a newcomer in town and familiar yourself with whom you can relate the most.

  1. Occupation For International Students

Even if there is a claim that says Part Time Jobs In Russia For International Students available in your time of the study, the reality may beg the differ. There is actually a policy of non-Russian working using student visa. It is a big no in another country also, so this difficulty is actually is no surprise. Therefore, you can’t always believe everything you heard, without double and even triple check everything.

Moreover, if you are not fluent in the Russian language the chance of getting any part-time job even a very small one is almost impossible. So, expect to support yourself with the money that you have and seek a part-time job wisely. Furthermore, if you are very friendly and get many links before even come to Russia, the reality just may be on your side.

  1. Student Visa

The most important ticket to study in Russia is not the plane ticket but is actually the student visa. Russia has a very strict regulation and immigration when it comes on letting people into their country. Therefore, it is not advisable for the prospectus international student to book their flight before getting their hands in student visa.

It is actually one of the most crucial preparation not only to expect when studying but also get in touch with the Basic Facts About Life As Russian. It helps your way of approaching and entering communication to be able to transmit the message according to your desirable points.

  1. Independent

Russian education has a very strict passing test that mostly highlights oral test that not only it needs the utmost preparation but also a strong mentality and confidence. Therefore, you need to prepare your study well, do all the necessary projects and you can rely on others to help you. If you need help make sure you ask the right person at the right time. Friends can help you once or twice. However, it is not in the Russian nature to bother other people with personal needs.

Therefore, expect to study in Russia to be more independent than ever. Moreover, even the different langue can be a barrier to get a simple conversation flow nicely without any misunderstanding. Independence will become the key to survive and hopefull to pass with flying colour or even shorten your study fast.

Students across the globe come to Russia to study and expects nothing but great times as good as the promotion claims to be. As one of the biggest country in the world in term of education. Russia just like every other country need every international student’s wits and courage. You should not believe every Famous Myths About Studying In Russia but keeping all ears and eyes close are also not recommendable. Among the graduates from Russian universities, there are experiences and impressions that different from one another. it is also important to have a voice and not afraid to second guess things and ask for help if the thing gets really bad.

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