6 Affordable University in Russia for International Students

tomsk state universityRussia offers many great choices when it comes to universities. If you plan to study in Russia, be sure that it’s the right decision to study there. There are a lot of high ranking universities to choose from. The best part is, compared to other western countries, Russia is much more affordable when it comes to living costs and study costs.

To make everything better, there are a lot of scholarships offered, whether it comes from the Russian government or private institutions. There are also fully funded scholarships.  You can check on these scholarships to help you finance your education in Russia. We also listed 6 affordable university in Russia for international students for reference.

1. Tomsk State University

Tomsk State University is a public research university located at the city of Tomsk. The university is the oldest one in Asian-Russia. Founded in 1888, the university is now among the top third in Russia, after Moscow State University and St. Petersburg University. It is also awarded by the status “National Research University, with 9 other universities in Russia.

It is also affordable if you choose to study at Tomsk State University. The average tuition fee is two third of that of Moscow State University or St. Besides, the living cost at the city of Tomsk is also far below than bigger cities. Another thing to note for international students, Tomsk State University also has programs offered in English, to make things more convenient.

Tuition fees per year at Tomsk State University (in Russian Rubble)

  • Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology – RUB 202,860
  • Computer Science and Engineering – RUB 282,000
  • Computer and Information Sciences – RUB 262,000
  • Physics and Astronomy – RUB 282,000
  • Linguistics – RUB 225,400
  • Mathematical Analysis and Modeling – RUB 250,200
  • Biological Sciences – RUB 282,000
  • Economics – RUB 262,000
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Studies – 262,000

2. Kazan University

Kazan University is situated at Kazan, Republic of Tartastan, Russia. The university is a leading academic institution in Russia, with focus research in Biomedicine, Oil, and petrochemistry, and aerospace technologies. The city Kazan also is a nice city to live in. Living cost is quite cheap and the tuition fee at Kazan University is affordable. The university has study programs taught in English.

Tuition fees per year at Kazan University (in Russian Rubble)

Bachelor / Specialist (Only programs in English are listed)

  • General Medicine – 364,104 RUB
  • Dentistry – 468,000 RUB

Master (Only programs in English are listed)

  • Pharmacology – RUB 282,000
  • Stratigraphy of Petroleum and Gas Basins – RUB 282,000
  • Condensed Matter Physics – RUB 282,000
  • Physics of Magnetic Phenomena – RUB 282,000
  • General and Strategic Management – RUB 261,000
  • Software Engineering – RUB 282,000
  • Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology (Data Science) – RUB 261,000
  • Petroleum and Gas Business – RUB 282,000
  • Complex Data Analysis in Petroleum Geology – RUB 282,000

Additional fees at Kazan University besides tuition.

  • Accommodation, rent for dormitory – RUB 525 /month or less
  • Insurance fee starting from RUB 4,500 /year
  • Pre-university training (matriculation program) in English – RUB 86,000

3. National Research University Higher School of Economics

In recent years, National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow has been actively inviting international students to its institution. The university offers many scholarships as well as affordable tuition fees. Moscow’s HSE is ranked the best on 13 subjects, especially in fields such as economics, sociology, and politics. Although its main campus is in Moscow, the university also has campuses in other parts of Russia such as St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

Tuition fees per year for undergraduate programmes

  • International Business and Management – RUB 320,000
  • Sociology and Social Informatics – RUB 260,000
  • Political Science and World Politics – RUB 300,000

Tuition fees per year for graduate programmes

  • Applied and Interdisciplinary History ‘Usable Pasts’ – RUB 250,000
  • Comparative Politics of Eurasia – RUB 250,000
  • Finance – RUB 290,000
  • Business and Politics in Modern Asia – RUB 250,000
  • Management and Analytics for Business – RUB 290,000

4. Tomsk Polytechnic University

Tomsk Polytechnic University is a popular university for international students. With more than 14,000 international students enrolled here, you might want to know what makes this university popular. Tomsk Polytechnic University is a very reputable institution, offering high-quality education in engineering and applied science. Another thing, the tuition fees here is only two third compared to other Polytechnic universities in Russia, especially those located in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

  • Application fee (non–refundable) – 75 EUR
  • Multiple entry visa – 25 EUR per year
  • Health insurance – 55 USD per year

Shared accommodation with one roommate (beds, a wardrobe, tables) – RUB 800 per month
Shared accommodation with one roommate (furnishings include beds, desks, wardrobe, a TV set/a fridge) – RUB 1040 per month

Prep school

  • for undergraduate program in Russian for one and a half year course – RUB 120,000
  • for undergraduate program in English – RUB 152,000
  • for Master’s degree program in Russian – RUB 136,000
  • for Master’s degree program in English – RUB 176,000

Bachelor’s Degree program in English:

  • Computer Sciences – RUB 205,406
  • Mechanical Engineering – RUB 205,406

Master Degree Programs in English

  • Software Engineering – RUB 227,490
  • Computer Sciences – RUB 227,490
  • Nuclear Physics and Technology – RUB 302,220
  • Petroleum Engineering – RUB 227,490
  • Bioengineering Systems and Technologies – RUB 227,490
  • Materials Science and Technologies – RUB 227,490
  • Electronics and Nanoelectronics – RUB 227,490
  • Electric Power Generation and Transportation – RUB 227,490

5. Novosibirsk State Technical University

Novosibirsk State Technical University is a relatively young institution, being founded in 1959. Nonetheless, the university has placed itself as one of the best university in Russia. It ranks at 11th positions according to BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) ranking. Located in Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk State Technical University boasts a high-quality education when it comes to mathematics, physics and astronomy, archeology, and chemical engineering.

Undergraduate, tuition fee per semester

  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering – RUB 59,650
  • Physics – RUB 45,700
  • Economics – RUB 31,650
  • Management – RUB 45,100
  • Law – RUB 50,000
  • Aircraft Construction – RUB 76,750
  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering – RUB 72,900
  • Instrumentation Engineering – RUB 50,450
  • Economics – RUB 45,100
  • Management – RUB 45,100
  • Law – RUB 45,000
  • Information and Communication Technologies and Telecommunication Systems – RUB 50,500
  • Nanotechnology and Microsystem Engineering – RUB 77,000

6. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod

Lobachevsky State University at Nizhny Novgorod is among 6 affordable universities in Russia for international students. It’s also among one of the National Research Universities in Russia. The university name is taken from the famous mathematician Nikolai Lobachevsky. The institution currently has 1100 international students enrolled.

Fees for programmes taught in Russian per year:

  • Bachelor’s degree and Specialist programmes – RUB 130,000 – RUB 195,000
  • Master’s degree programmes – RUB 140,000 – RUB 195,000
  • PhD programmes – RUB 140,000 – RUB 180,000

Fees for programmes taught in English and French per year:

Bachelor’s degree programmes

  • Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology – RUB 175,000
  • Economics – RUB 175,000
  • International Relations – RUB 195,000

Master’s degree programmes

  • Management – RUB 195,000
  • Mathematics and Computer Science – RUB 195,000

Pre-University Preparatory Programme

  • 2 semesters – RUB 115,000
  • 3 semesters – RUB 155,000

Russian language programme

  • 1 semester – RUB 55,000
  • 2 semesters – RUB 90,000
  • 3 semesters – RUB 140,000

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