What’s the celebration of Wild Mint Festival in Moscow?

wild mint in moscowHave you already plan something for summer? Summer is probably the most anticipated season in Russia. Russian do various activities during summer. It’s not surprising, after the cold harsh Russian winter, people would long for sun and warmth.

There are many things you can do in Russia during the summer. You can visit these 12 awesome places, for example. Attending events or festivals is also a way to spend summer. There are many events in Russia you should not miss in summer. One of them is the Wild Mint Festival.

If you haven’t heard about the festival, don’t worry because we got you covered.

1. It is the largest music festival in Russia

Wild Mint Festival is the largest world music festival in Russia. It is also among the top three events in the country. A magazine called Afisha, placed Wild Mint among the 50 top events on earth. With such a reputation, Wild Mint Festival is certainly not to miss.

2. It presents music from all genre from many countries

Wild Mint Festival is a three-day festival with more than 70 concerts and performances. The lineup is comprised of musicians coming from Russia itself and all around the world. Every genre is accommodated. So whether you’re a fan of Dance, hip-hop, or rock, you will find performers that cater your taste.

2018 lineup including Milky Chance Zemfira, Brainstorm, and Oigarkh, while 2019 is comprised of Mummy Troll, Primal Scream, Aquarium, and Faithless DJ Set.

Wild Mint Festival is also a chance for the audience to get to know other genres outside their usual preference. The diversity if music is a pity to be missed. You can also make new friends with fans and other festival goers. Take the value “diversity” and “unity” at heart.

3. It’s easy to reach from Moscow.

This year’s Wild Mint will be held in Aleksinsky district, Bunyrevo, near Tula Region. It’s only 140 km from Moscow, or 2 hours ride. There are many ways for you to get there. You can use cars, public train, or the shuttle service provided by the organizer. The shuttle service departed from Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard, Moscow.

4. It requires cheap and hassle-free tickets

You only need to buy one ticket to enjoy all the concerts of Wild Mint. The ticket grants you unlimited entry to the festival ground. It also costs not much, only 4500 rubles per adult. That’s around 68 US Dollar, which much cheaper compared to other festivals such as Coachella. There are also package tickets, which includes accommodation.

5. It is family friendly

If you think wild Mint Festival, as its name, is a truly wild festival (with a lot of drunk people and drugs are involved) then you are mistaken. Wild Mint Festival is actually family friendly. It’s safe and fun for children to attend. Even better, children only need to pay half price (2250 rubles). You can also buy family package tickets for two adults and two children. Wild Mint Festival does target everybody.

6.  You can go camping there.

Like most music festival around the world, Wild Mint Festival doesn’t opt out camping as one of the choices for accommodation. Festival goers can bring their own tent and build it in the campsite prepared by the organizer. If you don’t own a tent, no worries, because the organizer also rents out ready-made tents. Camping is not your cup of tea? You can find plenty of hotels and guesthouse nearby. Don’t forget to book in advance, though. Since there’s a chance everything will be booked around the festival date.

Don’t forget to pack suitable clothing for summer in Russia.

7. It has adequate facilities

The organizer ensures that Wild Mint is one of the most comfortable festivals in Russia. Here you will find everything you need in term of facilities. Charging station for your gadgets, drinking fountain to fill your water bottles. And you don’t need to afraid about not being able to share your experience on Instagram, the organizer provides free Wi-Fi for everyone.

8. It offers various activities

Attending concerts, exploring music and dancing your heart ou is not the only activities you will do on Wild Mint Festival. At the festival, you can attend lectures and workshops, watching movies because there are movie nights, Enjoys theatrical performance, and take part in master classes such as handicraft lesson. Wellness enthusiast can consider yoga, for a start.

9. You can participate in sports

In addition to concerts and art activities, “Wild Mint” offers guests a variety of sports activities. Within the framework of the festival’s sports program, there are mini-football, beach volleyball, badminton, frisbee, surf pools, climbing walls and much more will be organized. You can also rent an ATV from QuadRider rental company. Every year they traditionally operate at Wild Mint!

10. Food and food

There are as many as 50 food trucks and restaurant around the venue, serving food from all around the world. Your palate also will be happy attending this festival. Make sure to taste as many as you can stomach. After all, we all need energy before going back to dancing. Research beforehand what’s the best food for summer in Russia?

11. It’s where you can check out cool bazaars

Bazaars and fairs are also the part of Wild Mint Festival. Market Street is a pedestrian shopping street with a continuous stream of guests of the festival, where trade does not stop even at night. Exclusive clothing from young designers, local brands of clothing and accessories.

For souvenirs, you can check out Dar Bazaar. It is a fair for hand-made clothes and rare souvenirs, located in the very center of the festival. The fair is one of the largest in the country. Green Bazaar” sells products for a healthy lifestyle.

Interested already? You can put Wild Mint to your itinerary when you travel to Russia around that date.

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