Why You Should Visit the Red Square in Moscow

You haven’t really travelled to Russia if you don’t visit The Red Square while you’re in the country. It is one of the most popular tourism spots that people associate with Russia. Why so? And why should travelers visit it? About The Red Square Red Square is the main square of Moscow, located between the […]

Enjoy Your Winter Journey in Listvyanka

Climatologists believe that winter begins when the average daily air temperature passes through zero degrees Celsius in the direction of lowering. In Russia, this time varies depending on the region: the earliest beginning of winter is observed at the end of September (Yakutia), the latest – at the beginning of January (Krasnodar Territory). In the […]

Magical History of Kostroma, a City Founded by Yuri Dolgoruky

Kostroma is an ancient city in Russia with a very rich historical background. It is the administrative center of the Kostroma region, a large port on the Volga. Kostroma is located 301 km northeast of Moscow, on the Kostroma Lowland, on both banks of the Volga and the old estuary of the Kostroma River. The […]

6 Things That You Should Know About Flax and Birch Bark Museum in Kostroma

There is an unusual museum in the city of Kostroma on Tereshkova Street. Here, in a single, harmonious whole, two seemingly incompatible things are connected – flax and birch bark. This museum was built and created by Natalia Pavlovna Zabavina, a native of the city of Kostroma, Russia, in 2005. Since then, the museum has […]

Khakassia; Find Your Miracles in the Republic of Miracles

The Republic of Khakassia is a subject of the Russian Federation, a republic in its composition. Included in the Siberian Federal District, it is part of the East Siberian Economic Region. The capital is the city of Abakan. In the north and east it borders with the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in the south with the Republic […]

5 Reasons Why You Have to Get Your Russian Holiday during the Spring

It is actually almost impossible to tell when the best time to visit Russia is. This is because, geographically, the country embraces almost all climatic zones – from the arctic to the subtropical. So, during the high season in Russia, the air temperature in one part of the country can reach +20°C, while in another […]

Could You Have A Vacation In Russia Without Visa?

Travelling has become more and more convenient these days. There are more options of means of transportation, fares are relatively cheaper than years ago since budget flights were established and it is now possible to visit foreign countries without visas. The last point is probably something every traveler dreams of, because getting a visa could […]

Religious Symbols That Should be Visited in Petersburg

Do you have your own considerations when visiting a tourist spot? Have you ever visited a tourist site that still contains religious elements? There are many tourist attractions that are still associated with religion in all countries in the world. Usually, this place is visited by tourists who also want to enjoy the religious nuance […]

5 Dangerous Places in Russia to Avoid At All Cost!

People travel for many different purposes. Some to refresh themselves, some to taste adventure, start a new stage of life, find the purpose of their existences, and so on. For these reasons, people choose to go to contrasting places. Them who look for leisure time would likely visit popular tourist destinations deemed safe and fun […]