5 Reasons Why You Have to Get Your Russian Holiday during the Spring

It is actually almost impossible to tell when the best time to visit Russia is. This is because, geographically, the country embraces almost all climatic zones – from the arctic to the subtropical. So, during the high season in Russia, the air temperature in one part of the country can reach +20°C, while in another it can be over +30°C. Roughly saying, though, the best time of the year to fly to Russia is during summer. It is the time when the average daily air temperature is +25°C with the minimum amount of rainfall. This period is considered ideal in order to fully enjoy the main natural resources of the country and all the summer festivities.

But, going on a trip to Russia is pleasant at any time of the year. A variety of natural attractions, historical monuments and traditions create a special flavor. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere that Russian tours in the spring are also popular. The first warm days, the soft sun and green parks give the cities and towns of the country a new image. Here are 5 reasons to visit the country during the season.

1. The cost of the travel is lower

Holidays in Russia in March are considered very affordable. With the onset of the first spring month, the influx of tourists does not increase, since the weather in almost the entire territory of the country remains windy and frosty. When planning a tour to Russia in March, you should devote your vacation to the study of the Moscow, Yaroslavl, Rostov, Novgorod and Kazan Kremlin.

2. The weather starts to warm up

Holidays in Russia in April are often planned by foreign tourists. With the onset of the second month of spring, the weather is gradually improving, the country begins to wake up after hibernation, the first leaves and flowers bloom around. For many travelers, a tour to Russia in April is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the country, its famous sights, museums, palace complexes and cathedrals.

3. Flowers start to bloom

In Russia, you can find something to do at any time of the year. Travelling to the country in May is good because with its arrival, nature fully comes to life, covered with flowering plants and green carpets of grass. When planning a tour to Russia in May, you should first of all pay attention to the weather conditions, since in the northern regions it is much colder than in the middle lane. In the south of the country at this time the beach season starts.

4. The abundance of national holidays and festivals

Not only in summer, festivals in Russia are also merry during the spring. There are so many events you can catch when going there during this season of the year.

  • International Women’s Day, March 8. This holiday is considered one of the biggest and most important days in Russia. Men would gift the women close to their hearts bouquets of flowers, candies, and other presents. This holiday is celebrated even more than Valentine ’s Day in the country. The cities would be colorful, cheerful, and beautiful during this time of the year.
  • St. Petersburg’s White Night Festival. The white nights of St. Petersburg have become a symbol of the city. This short period of time when the nights never reach complete darkness is considered the most popular among tourists. Every year, millions of people come to see the natural phenomenon and admire the beauties of the city. Visitors and residents of St. Petersburg leisurely walk the streets day and night.
  • Victory Day, May 9. People visit the Red Square in Moscow to remember the day when Russia defeated Germany on this day. There are parades, aircraft acrobatic shows, and other war memorials on display in major cities in Russia.

5. The hunting season begins

This may not be for everyone, but this is a culture that has been going in Russia for quite some time. Some tourists are usually interested to see what this is all about. In March, spring hunting begins to open in several regions of Russia. In one part you can perfectly hunt duck drakes, and another is good for hunting capercaillie and black grouse, and if a hunter prefers spring goose hunting, then there is a completely different place for them. But the spring season hunting is short – only ten days. How to manage everything and get the coveted trophies? Only if you plan your trip well in advance and buy tickets in advance.

Visiting Russia during the spring, in a nutshell

You can plan a spring vacation in Russia within any month of the season. The weather at the beginning of spring is still not stable; in some regions of the country the snow and frost still lingers, and walks in historical places can be planned only for a short time.

Family vacations and trips with children are best planned in the middle and end of the season. Programs of tours in Russia in the spring during this period are not only a variety of entertainment, but also spots of attractions. Starting April, you can already go on a boat trip to several regions of the country, visit Moscow, Perm or Astrakhan. A river walk along the canals of St. Petersburg, during which you can see the construction of bridges, will leave pleasant memories.

You can plan tours in Russia in the spring for any duration. Of course, in March there is still no opportunity for a long walk in the streets of cities, to enjoy the scenery. Therefore, planning a trip is best during the weekend. Such a tour will also be a great opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day or just have fun in the company of friends and family. Don’t forget to take note of the 5 reasons why you should visit Russia during the spring for your reference.

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