All You Need to Know About Russky Park; Historical Cultural Center in Pereslavl-Zalessky

Pereslavl-Zalessky is the pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia. The city is laden with numerous monuments of history, architecture, culture, which become the spots of attraction to everyone who visits the ancient city. Other than monuments, the city also has several parks; one of them is the Russky Park or Russian Park. The whole area covers several hectares of land that is divided into several parts or “themes”.

The Russky Park in Pereslavl-Zalessky is a canned world of traditions, customs and culture of the Russian people of the 19th-20th centuries. Here you can see the recreation of the architecture of the Russian people — wooden houses with interior paintings, visit the unique museum “What the Russians first invented in the world”, join a tea tasting, taste the real Guryev porridge and dishes of the tsar’s menu of Emperor Alexander I, visit the fashion salon of the 19th century and take a walk in the Cossack court. On weekends, interesting theatrical performances are held here, which both adults and children are enthusiastically attending.

The Museums and Alleys

Around the Russky Theme Park, you can find 5 small museums and 5 alleys:

  • The only museum in Russia about “What the Russians invented first in the world”, it was created with the collaboration with the S. I. Vavilov Institute of Natural Sciences and Technology. More than 200 discoveries of importance to humanity invented by the Russian people are presented in this museum.
  • Museum of Russian amusement “Parsley” that exhibits all the main characters and types of Russian folk proverbs and sayings.
  • The Russian-style house-cottage that presents the noble women’s costumes of the late 18th century including hats, corsets, scarves, jewelry, umbrellas, etc.
  • Ural hut that exhibits Russian folk instruments.
  • Arkhangelsk hut “Aleshkin House”; an exhibition of splint and spinning wheels.


  • Alley of Russian fonts (24 samples of fonts of ancient manuscripts from the 9th century).
  • Alley of Russian painting (30 samples of Russian painting).
  • Alley of Russian carved platbands (samples from Russian regions).
  • Alley and Polyana of Russian folk tales (Vasilisa the Wise, Ivan Tsarevich, Bogatyr, Koschey, Snake Gorynych, Emelya, Mashenka and 3 bears, Kolobok and many others).
  • Alley of history and architecture of the peoples of Russia 19th century.

The Tea Museum

This museum is bigger and more special that the other five considering the importance of tea culture to the Russians since the earlier time. Did you know what tea was drunk in Russia before the arrival of Chinese and Indian tea? In this museum visitors will learn about the unique properties of Ivan Tea and its history. The tasting of the real Guryev porridge is also done in the dining room of this museum.

Cossack Yard

For you who enjoy outdoor activities, this part of the Russky theme park is the one that suits you. Here you can do a lot of interactive group programs such as tug of war, gun and bow shooting , fencing on soft drafts, master class on the possession of weapons (checker, arapnik, whip), as well as round dance to live accordion. If you like individual activities, gun and bow shooting can be done separately. During these activities, visitors can wear Russian folk clothing to feel the atmosphere even deeper also, of course, to make memorable pictures.

Gastronomic Tour

This is definitely one of the highlights of the park; the visitors will be taken to the old Russia time through festive tables full of native Russian cuisines such as Royal borsch that used to be cooked as a menu for Emperor Alexander I. Served on the nation’s special porcelains and silvers, the food are definitely ones people can rarely find outside of Russia. Not all suit everyone’s palates, of course, but this tour is something you cannot miss if when you visit the Russky Park. Challenge yourself to try something different that will enrich your horizon on the world’s culinary.

This tour is held in a part of the park called the Ryapushka Tavern. Here, everyone can try dishes of real Russian cuisine: tsar’s borsch of five kinds of meat, Guryev’s porridge and chicken in various versions, including the one made according to the recipe of Alexander Dumas.


Russky Park is a tourist attraction for family. Nobody is left behind. Older kids and adults may enjoy visiting the museum and experiencing the tea ceremony or fencing around the Cossack Yard, but these activities may be boring for younger children. Worry not; they can still enjoy their time at the park playing on Russky Park’s playground. Here, they can go around a maze and role playing in a wooden town especially made to meet their size. All for free!

Entrance ticket to the park:

  • 300 rubles – adults
  • 150 rubles – school students
  • Free – children under 6 years old
  • Preferential  with a discount by registration of the city ​​of Pereslavl
  • Entrance fee includes visiting all the park’s facilities (5 museums, 5 alleys).

Last Wednesday of each month, free entry for preferential categories: pensioners, large families, combatants, and disabled people of all groups.

Special Programs

The Russky Park also holds great events on some of Russian holidays and special dates such as weddings, New Year, 9th May, and Maslenitsa. Each date has its own specific programs made by the masters at the park. They make each event unforgettable and feel like a journey to the older Russia.

How to Get There

Russky Park is located at the entrance to Pereslavl-Zalessky from Moscow, along Moskovskaya Street, on the left side in the direction of the traffic. By car, you need to drive a little further, and then turn around. It would be convenient, for tourists from Moscow – or outside of Moscow but coming from the city to the park, to go by a rented car.

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