5 Things to Do in Listvyanka Cableway Area

The cable car in Listvyanka is located in a village on the shores of Lake Baikal. It is where the Angara River begins and leads to the Chersky Stone. Once at the top of the observation deck, which is located at an altitude of 725 m, you can see the beautiful panorama of the lake itself, the source of the Angara, Shaman Stone, the whole Listvyanka and Baikal Observatory. An asphalt road, approximately 2 km long, is laid to the top of the mountain, and you can also go to the top via the ski lift or cable car. It starts at an altitude of 560 m, so people need to ride on a car first to get to the funicular.

The movement of the cable car is carried out in two directions, and its path runs through two stopping stations. The total length of the route is 1.4 km. Here are the things you must not miss while spending time around the Listvyanka Cableway area.

1. Stop and Ski!

This is the only cableway in the region that appeared in the early 2000s in the vicinity of Listvyanka that became a part of the Eastland ski complex, which is a modern resort with its own snow generation system and the possibility of a long ski season from November to April. The upper station of the cableway is located next to the observation platform “Cherskiy Stone”. The construction of the funicular took almost a year, its construction took place in extreme conditions: a steep slope was freed from trees, then the rock was filled with concrete, which serves as the basis for future supports.

The cable car is a three-seater chair lift, the Austrian company Doppelmaer was engaged in its manufacture: the benches are made of wood, the ski lift does not have a roof, therefore, it is necessary to dress warmer in the cold season, since it is quite windy upstairs. Boarding and disembarking of passengers takes place without stopping the movement of seats; it is not necessary to remove skis. The elevation difference between the upper and lower points of the cableway is 165 m. The capacity of the funicular is 1,125 people per hour.

2. Enjoy the View in the Summer

The main function of the lift is servicing the guests of the resort, so it is worth remembering that in the warm season it can be closed for repairs or maintenance. In winter, the cableway operates at maximum speed; it will take no more than five minutes for the skiers to reach the top. The funicular delivers tourists to four routes; the main length is about 800–900 m. There is also one training route runs 130 m long and a snow park. In the summer, the cable car moves slower, allowing guests to admire the surrounding views, the entire journey takes seven minutes.

3. Take Lots of Pictures then Bungee Jump

At the upper and lower stations, there are two cafes for everyone, on the upper platform you can take a picture: a professional photographer is at the service of tourists. After that you can try the bungee, which is right there, the descent along it is divided into three parts. The lower station is equipped with ski equipment rental shop where you can park your car. In the future, a number of similar lifts are planned to be installed in the region.

4. Get on the Observation Deck

Chersky Stone is the highest point of one of the coastal mountains of Listvyanka. Its height is 755 m, and the top has a rocky outlet, similar to a boulder deliberately laid there in huge sizes. The mountain hill was named after the famous explorer of Lake Baikal, geologist Ivan Dmitrievich Chersky. At the top, you can relax in the gazebo or enjoy the view from the observation deck, from which you can see almost the entire southern basin of Lake Baikal. From here you can see the snow-white peaks of the Khamar-Daban ridge, and Baikal port is visible behind the source of the Angara and the Shaman-stone. On the right side of The Angara River, stretches for the Irkutsk reservoir itself, and on the left you can see Listvyanskaya marina and shipyard, because of which the outlines of the Baikal Observatory located in the east of Listvyanka can be seen.

5. Tie a Ribbon then Slide

The place acts as a famous tourist attraction; its uniqueness lies in its beauty and originality compared to other peaks. When preparing to visit the place, it is worth getting a small ribbon, since among those who come here it is customary to tie ribbons and pieces of fabric to the branches of trees on the top of the mountain. Also, in the vicinity, you can ride a slide using ice cubes or tubes.

Of course, you cannot compare this cable car with similar sights of European resorts. Listvyanka cable cars are modest and the ticket price is relatively cheap. However, the local organizers of tourist vacations are trying to develop the infrastructure of the region through the construction of new facilities and improved service.

Thus, it is advisable to visit this facility being well prepared from the point of choosing a specific type of vacation. For example, not every tourist is interested in skiing activities – so going up to the resort can be skipped. Walking up the track to reach the funicular is advisable only for them who are fit enough to do it. Do not ignore the elementary safety rules for the operation of the cableway, which involves a fairly high rise in the mountains. It is also important to take care of the ecology of the region. Then, a trip along the Listvyanka cable car will leave exclusively positive impressions for tourists.

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