Enjoy the Unusual View When You Are on the Top of Ai-Petri Mountain in Yalta 

While Yalta and Crimea are a bit too argumentative for an easy-going tourism, it does not mean that there are not miracles to be found among the disturbance. For example, the pinnacle of Ai-Petri where high breezes buffet a bunch of shaky suspension bridges for a good portion of the year. 

The most outstanding element is a tall cross that has been planted in the real pinnacle which is a single stone column. Tourists can come through via a couple of wood-slate cables that loosen up over the frequently overcast void. It absolutely does not seem to be for the weak heart. The cable spans were worked as of late and considered as a safe entry to the cross that was quite a while in the past raised on a stone development.  

You can definitely enjoy the unusual view when you are on the top of Ai-Petri Mountain in Yalta. Keep on reading to find out just how unusual the view is. 

Adventurous Getaway

This incredible massif is appealing for sightseers in light of the fact that from its pinnacles, one can get an astonishing perspective over the entire south-eastern shore of Crimea. So as to see these fabulous scenes, various voyagers climb the Ai-Petri all year round.  

The most ideal approach to get to its 1,200 meters high tops to see the remarkable perspectives is to utilize the cableway ‘Miskhor – Ai-Petri,’ which is a fascination itself. It comprises of two sections, one of which is ‘unsupported’ and unlike whatever else is in Europe.  

At the highest point of Ai-Petri, you might have hoped to arrive at an exposed stone level; rather, you go to a fantasy town. There are numerous restaurants and spots to attempt national Tatar foods. You can treat yourself to eastern desserts and attempt the heavenly Crimean wine. Yet, when on Ai-Petri, most visitors rush to Cliff Shishko, the observation point from which one can get amazing perspectives on the Black Sea coast.  

One progressively noteworthy spot on the highest point of Ai-Petri is the cavern ‘Trehglazka.’ It is extremely particular as its temperature drifts around zero degrees all year and the floor of the cavern is spread with a few meters of ice. Ai-Petri additionally keeps an unconventional marker, a metallic globe on a stone base with its definite geo-area; all level guests strive to touch it.  

You can likewise get to the highest point of Ai-Petri via vehicle, following the parkway Yalta – Bakhchysarai. The street passes by the most noteworthy cascade in Ukraine, Uchan-Su (‘Flying Water’). It is 100 meters high which is twice as high as Niagara Falls. The cascade is generally fantastic during a tempest or when the snow is softening.  

Ai-Petri has everything for an adventurous escape. In the mid-year, you can ride steeds, mountain bike, and jeeps, or paraglide there. Furthermore, in winter, snowy slopes pull in ski darlings and snowmobile racers. 

Getting There

In order to enjoy the unusual view when you are on the top of Ai-Petri Mountain in Yalta, you can go in group torn by easy route rope. However, there is likewise a troublesome rough strip to pass, so it is important to have aptitudes of moving along vertical rough relief.  

In Yalta, you should get fixed-run taxi number 26 or 42 and ride it to where rope-route goes above engine street. From the street, you need to go through the backwoods along the branch prompting the second station of the rope-way Mishor – Ai-Petri. 

From the station along the cutting-in-the woodland, then along the way through the backwoods where numerous structures looking like bungalows are arranged. The woodland is a reserve, so you ought to go up and a tad to one side along the incline toward the Southern Wall of Ai-Petri, to the base of observable portion of the wall with “dent-hole” flanked with counterforts from the two sides. 

The start of the course is found just beneath the counterfort (inclining edge needs to go to one side as it shows the primary piece of the course). 

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