Russian Lifestyle: What It Feels Being A Local

If we talk about lifestyle, of course there are many things that can be discussed. Lifestyle will adjust to where we are. We just need to try to be able to easily adapt to the lifestyle. As we know, every country has a different lifestyle. There are many factors that can affect lifestyle changes in […]

Russian Etiquette Lesson: How to Be Properly Social

There are many ways we can do to get to know a country. One of them is to recognize the etiquette that applies in that country. You do it to be able to socialize well as long as you are in that country. Similarly, when you visit Russia. When you visit Russia, of course you […]

Why Are Russian People Hard to Smile?

Whether you just picked a fight with your loved one or woke up on the wrong side of the bed or struggled through a morning to a job you do not really enjoy, it can be a difficult task to put a smile on your face when in fact you are feeling less than chipper. […]

Do Not Be Shocked! These Are Russian Traits that You Should be Familiar With

When a person has good traits in their nature, it can be observed easily through the way they present themselves. It is not limited to one value only but the traits are proved in the good decisions they make and the bad decisions they avoid. It becomes a lot more important to develop personality traits, prestige, […]

You Are Russian If You Have These 4 Traits

There are many characteristics we can see in people as a way to identify where they come from. For example, British people are famous for their love of tea. Even when they are facing a critical time, their first “solution” for the situation is to make a cup of tea. They are also widely known […]

10 Reasons Why Russian Loves Turkish TV Series

There’s an interesting fact. After the USA, Turkey is next in the line as one of the world’s TV series exporters. The show producers in Turkey continuously producing series that the country is the world’s fastest exporter too. Many of those TV series made their way to Russia and they are well-received among Russian audiences. […]

9 Must-Have Items That Russian People Bring For Travelling

It is either your first trip or your time to turn into seasoned globetrotter. And if you find yourselves stumble upon this article, the chance is you are in dire need of some rundown of what must-have items you may need to pack and you believe that somehow Russian people have this tendency to be […]

Take a Look at What Russian People Usually Bring When They Are Traveling

Russian people are often seen traveling with an only carry-on bag and it somehow makes their travel experience easier in so many ways. If you think about their preference for bringing a carry-on bag for traveling, you will learn that they will not get weighed down by heavy bags. And they will not have to deal […]

How to Know If Someone You Met is Russian

Getting to know someone would likely take years or at least a few months. People said, ‘The first impression is the last and the best impression’ though it does not always hold true. How you fathom a person depends more on your view of things, your principle, your values, your beliefs, etc. Obviously, it would […]

7 Most Famous People of All Time from Russia

Being one of the oldest countries in the world with a very long history, Russia has given birth to so many important and great people that the world know very well. Some even carry their names long after the passed away. Here, in this article, we will take a look at a list of 7 […]