5 Most Famous Russian Singers Of All Time

In addition to being known as the warehouse of talented tennis players, Russia is also famous as a country populated by many talented singers. The popularity Of their work, some singers often included the most famous russian singers of all time. 1. Yulia Samoylova Yulia Samoylova was born on seventh April 1989 in Ukhta, Russia. […]

7 Most Famous People of All Time from Russia

Being one of the oldest countries in the world with a very long history, Russia has given birth to so many important and great people that the world know very well. Some even carry their names long after the passed away. Here, in this article, we will take a look at a list of 7 […]

8 Most Successful People in Russian Civilization

There are a lot of ways to define success and how the measurement could differ from one person to the other. So, when it comes to success, people may agree to see it from a few point of views like how well-known they are to the world, how much they have given to the community […]