Do Not Be Shocked! These Are Russian Traits that You Should be Familiar With

When a person has good traits in their nature, it can be observed easily through the way they present themselves. It is not limited to one value only but the traits are proved in the good decisions they make and the bad decisions they avoid.

It becomes a lot more important to develop personality traits, prestige, and outer perceptions than to develop nobility of mind, heart, and deed. So, would developing personality traits an outdated, useless quest that has little to no relevance in modern society?

If you look at a lot of today’s role models as ones who have good traits such as the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, and other sports celebrities, it would seem so. Who has time for basic personality traits which get in the way of an egocentric life anyway?

However, it does not take particular experience to find out how essential good traits are when it comes to a person’s self-esteem, life satisfaction, and relationship.

Russian Traits

If you are planning to spend your holiday at Russia, chances are you will come across a few stereotypes about Russian people. While a lot of these are facts about the lifestyle and tradition of common Russian people, some are just downright exaggerations or myths.

So, it is fairly important to take note while traveling to Russia that not all Russian people fit the stereotypes associated with their native country, city, state, or even neighborhood.

Do not be shocked! These are Russian traits that you should be familiar with before you decide to meet them in person. Read on to find out the truth about Russian people’s traits, and experience for yourself the real history, culture, and lifestyle of Russian people on your next vacation.

  1. The Smile

If you spend a day in Russia sitting on a train on the way to the capital city, try to take a good look around. You will notice that practically every single occupant has a poker face with some people even looking downright upset. Foreigners may think that it is because Russian people are way too serious, typical unhappy people; however, it is not at all true.

Russian people actually love to have fun and share a laugh together, and they also smile quite often. It is just a part of their culture that Russian people do not show much emotion in public.

However, if they are at home or together with those close to them, they become much more open with their emotions. Once you get to know them in person, they make quite friendly and fun friends.

  1. Patriotism

Patriotism occupies a significant place in Russian culture. They are very proud of their country’s history and of their contributions to the better of the world. One thing that is very evident is the vast number of statues and monuments in Russian cities and towns. Even in less densely populated regions, there are still many such memorials.

If you roam around the street of any city or town in Russia, chances are you will most likely pass three to two monuments, some of which are probably associated with World War II. It is because reminiscing about World War II is very important to Russian people and so too is history in general.

  1. Body Language

Russian people are much more prone to making small movements with the head when they speak. They like to point to invisible objects and important abstractions with their noses and chins. Their shoulders often help them when they try to make a point. Close contact is important which is why they often stick their necks toward people they are talking to, typically dropping the voice a little bit.

Compared to them, Italians, Arabs, and Americans occupy too much space with their hands. They think that excessive hand gestures are nekultúrno which means showing lack of sophistication but Russian passions seek exit. They solve the impasse by suppressing one of the hands.

  1. Light-Heartedly Black-Humored People

Russian people love joking about misfortune, death, and gore. A dialog where Russian people cheerfully asks their companion, “Nu chto, ne spilsya esche?” (“Haven’t you drank yourself to death yet?”) would be met with a similarly cheerful “Ne dozhdyoshsya!” (“In your dreams!”).

In other words, picking on one another is a prominent part of Russian conversations even in business environment, which often leaves foreign partners dumbfounded. Moreover, the signature black humor is not limited to interpersonal conversations but also extends to the whole world view.

  1. Resourceful

When it comes to making the most out of the available, no mind will handle it so aptly and naturally as the Russian people. You may wonder where the wellspring of such resourcefulness is. Even though many theories might be put forward, it is believed that it came from the 20th century when millions of Russian people had to deal with the miracles of Russian avtoprom (automotive industry).

It was where cars were designed in such a way as to promote the technical literacy of the Soviet citizens. A fun fact for trivia hunters: The main miracle maker is still around and relatively well-off. Its production is a boundless source of inspiration for neologists specializing in the obscene.

  1. Alcoholic

Let us set the record straight: Russian people are almost universally alcoholic. This is particularly true for the unlucky generation whose best years fell on the late 80s – early 90s. If such a Russian does not drink, it is either because they were zakodirovan before or had a rich history of family alcoholism which makes him stay 100 meters away from any beverage.

However, that is not the most fun part. Unlike other nations that also have a higher-than-average affection to libation, an average Russian will not stop drinking even when he feels like it is time to stop.

So, do not be shocked! These are Russian traits that you should be familiar with.

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