4 Places That Should Be Visited for Russian Holidays

When it comes to choosing a destination for holiday, what appeals to a bunch of travelers might not be of one to another. And with a lot of different destinations scattered all over the world, they have the freedom to choose which sometimes makes narrowing down their options challenging.

Are you looking forward to a city break? Do you want a romantic getaway? Are you planning to have a family or a beach holiday? Are you interested in a cultural or gastronomic trip? Whether you are going to go through it alone or with friends, in this article, you will be spoilt for choice.

If you are a part of these travelers, you may want to take into consideration culture, food scenes, sights, accommodation options, and value for the money. From designated places of cultural heritage to awe-inspiring cities and regions known for their improved accessibility, I have come to the conclusion that the must-visit destination you should spend your holiday at is Russia.

Holiday Destinations in Russia

Historically speaking, Russia was once the largest and most powerful country to join the former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). Even though USSR no longer exists, Russia remains a wonderful country to visit during the holiday. It is because Russia is a country of contrasts, from amazing subtropical beaches to awfully cold winter regions on the north side. The east regions may have fewer population but its lovely cities are among the most popular destinations to visit in Russia and manage to hold their own against the west.

Russia is full of history everywhere a visitor goes, from great battles to fascinating classical music and literature. And almost everywhere visitors can see plenty of examples of picturesque art, not only in museums and galleries but also in its churches. In this article, I have rounded up 4 places that should be visited for Russian holidays. Let us just jump right in.

  1. Moscow

With a long and boisterous history, some wonderful art and culture, and the world’s largest civilization of billionaires, it is not surprising that Moscow has always been considered as a city of first class and dramatic contrasts, a center of creative and intellectual energy.

In today’s age, the interesting and up-to-date capital of Russia is an expensive, intimidating mega metropolis packed with luxurious art galleries, world-class restaurants and shopping, classic and refreshing culture, and adventurous nightlife.

Among the most remarkable landmarks of Russia’s financial, political, and cultural center are undoubtedly the great Red Square and the huge Kremlin, with its red-brick towers, magnificent churches, wonderful museums, and impressive historic sights.

Moscow is also a home to some of the best galleries, museums, and cultural institutes in the world, so if you have a chance to visit Moscow, I recommend you to enjoy Bolshoi Theater’s amazing performances, spend some time at the Tretyakov Gallery which is a true form of Russian fine art, or hang out at the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum which is one of the world’s best and most prestigious galleries of European art.

There is another great interest, the city’s house museums where foreigners can learn about Russia’s grotesque literary heritage, such as the Tolstoy House Museum, the Pushkin Memorial Museum, the Mayakovsky Museum, the Dostoevsky House Museum, or the small yet enchanting Gogol Memorial Rooms.

Shopping, nightlife, and dining are all the best in Moscow; the city flaunts an impressive variety of bars, restaurants, clubs, and fashion stores.

  1. Kizhi Island

Although Kizhi Island is not as famous as Moscow, it is still an equally remarkable Russian destination for holiday. It is famous especially for its wonderful open-air museum, definitely an intriguing complex of great cultural, historical, and natural interest that exhibits a great collection of wooden structures. Some of them are even part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, while the others coming from the 14th century.

The most popular attractions on Kizhi Island include the Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus which is the oldest wooden church in Russia and the Kizhi Pogost site which has wonderful 22-dome Transfiguration Church. In addition to some of the country’s best examples of wooden architecture, you will also get the chance to explore a series of ancient rural habitations characteristic to the Karelia region and spread among the amazing, almost authentic natural paradise.

  1. Irkutsk and Lake Baikal

Irkutsk is locally known as the Paris of Siberia. It is practically a compact city with a great collection of historic churches, theaters, museums, and impressive wooden houses embellished with complicated hand-carved decorations. Moreover, it is the closest major city to the famous Lake Baikal, hence a perfect base to explore the oldest, biggest, and deepest freshwater lake in the world.

Irkutsk’s popular attractions include the City History Museum, the Geology Museum along with its memorable exhibition of minerals and gems collected from Siberia and the Russian Far East, as well as the Old Town, where vibrant pavement cafés, interesting 19th century architecture, and cheerful street artists make for a pleasurable and relaxed atmosphere in which to dine, hang out, and watch the world go by.

A scenic one hour drive from Irkutsk will deliver you to the most popular lake in the world called Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is Russia’s most awesome nature reserve as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to a renowned variety of flora and fauna; it is indeed a place of conclusive natural beauty and geological value.

  1. Sochi

Sochi was a place where the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic games were held. It is Russia’s largest resort and the main tourist attraction for both summer and winter holidays. Its location is on the Black Sea coast and it attracts both foreign and domestic visitors with its interesting mix of sunny beaches, world-class restaurants, luxury hotels, vibrant nightlife, and countless cultural and natural sites.

So, those are 4 places that should be visited for Russian holidays. Which one is your favorite?

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