3 Best Views of Russian XIX Empire You Should Know

Russia is one country with such a long history. This makes Russia always immortalized in history books. Everyone knows that Russia is a country with such a great journey. Besides being famous for its role in World War II, did you know that Russia was once a monarchy? If you really love world history, you will know about this.

Russia was once an absolute monarchy, a country led by an emperor. The Russian emperor was called the “Tsar”. The Russian Empire survived from 1721 to 1906. Not only in the Soviet Union, the Russian empire was also very famous and had a vast territory. In fact, the Russian Empire is the third largest empire in the history of the world, extending from Poland in Europe to Alaska in North America. Of course, the Russian empire not only left stories and names, but also left physical evidence of history that you can see with your own eyes. Curious?

Relics from the Russian empire became one of the tourist destinations that are very popular with tourists, especially those who love world history. Next we will show you some of the heritage of the Russian empire that will amaze you. Here are 3 best views of russian XIX empire you should know.

  1. The Kremlin

If you claim to be a Russian lover, of course Kremlin is no stranger to your ears. The Kremlin is one of the tourist destinations that must be visited by every tourist. Because the Kremlin is a Russian icon located in the capital city of Moscow. The Kremlin is a fortress and a historic palace complex of brick built in the 15th century. The length of the Kremlin wall is 2 km. In the past, the Kremlin was the residence of the Tsar. The Kremlin has 20 towers, and the most phenomenal tower is the Spasskaya Tower.

Then, what can you see in Kremlin? Of course very much. The Kremlin has several museums, palaces, cathedrals, and weapons halls. The most interesting thing is the weapons center. Because in this weapons hall you can immediately see Russian imperial heirlooms that will make you amazed. You can see directly the Russian Tsar’s horse carriage, weapons, cannons, clothing and jewelry, and the bell czar. The king cannon and the king’s bell are a very famous one. These two objects are located in the church grounds where the king’s coronation ceremony is now used as the place for the president’s inauguration. Bronze king cannons in the 16th century weighed 40 tons. And the king’s bell was made in the 18th century weighing 400 tons.

A walk in the Kremlin will not make you bored, because there are so many things you can see from the third largest imperial heritage in history, the Russian empire. you will feel like you were centuries ago.

  1. Armoury Chamber

Armoury chamber is the most famous museum located in the Kremlin. The museum contains various relics of the tsar which are dominated by the clothes and thrones of the great peter family and the last tsar before the Lenin revolution.

Armoury chamber is divided into 4 floors. On the 1st floor, you can see the relics of the Tsar and Tsarina clothes, the throne, and the Russian imperial chariot. You can see the king’s kencana train and the king’s chariot chariots, including the chariot made for Anna, Peter’s most beautiful daughter who never married. You can also see the clothes and the shoes of the Tsars are very large and luxurious. However, there are very unique and attention-grabbing ones, namely the throne and also a number of seating “whisperers”. It is said that at that time the powerful Tsar was children who still did not understand the government. So the whisper who sat behind the throne helped him to make a speech or make a decision.

When you have finished satisfying your eyes on the 1st floor, you can go up to the 2nd floor to see the tableware, bathing utensils, and daily equipment of the Tsar and Tsarina. You will see very antique and amazing plates and gold plated glasses. Of course when you see this, you will imagine how the Tsar and Tsarina lived at that time.

What you need to know is that it is forbidden to enter using a thick jacket or coat. You must leave it in the storage area provided. Your shoes must also be coated with a special cover that has also been provided by the museum management. If you visit without a tour guide, you must rent a headset to find out the information behind these historical objects. Or your visit will be in vain, you only see but don’t know the history behind the objects.

  1. Alexander column

The next legacy of the Russian empire that will amaze you is the alexander column. Alexander column is a tower built to honor the victory of Russia led by Emperor Alexander I with Napoleon Bonaparte from France. Alexander column was designed by a French-born architect, Auguste de Montferrand. This monument was built in 1830-1834 and is the focal point of Palace Square on St. Petersburg.

When you visit this place, you can see the peak of the Alexander column, there is a statue of an angel holding a cross. This angel statue is very similar to the face of King Alexander I designed by Russian sculptor Boris Orlovsky. Then the bottom is decorated with symbols of military glory carved by Giovanni Battista Scotti. And the base facing Winter Palace is a relief depicting a winged figure holding a placard that reads “To Alexander I From A Grateful Russia”.

This monument is a testament to the great victory achieved by the Russian empire. And when you look at the Alexander column, you can see reliefs that have very deep meaning as an expression of gratitude from the Russian people to Emperor Alexander I who i have not written in this article.

A history will never be considered without evidence. The remains of the Russian empire are proof that this empire was the third largest empire in history. The remains that are still preserved authenticity also become an icon of the Russian state.

Those are 3 best views of Russian XIX Empire you should know. When you visit Russia, you have to visit 3 tourist destinations that will add to your knowledge. These best views will make you amazed with the history and the greatness of russia with your own eyes.

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