Catch Up the Instagramable View at The Houseboat in Ivanovo

Not just the large cities in Russia that has a stunning view and Instagram worthy landmarks. A smaller city like Ivanovo has some interesting spot for you and your family to take a peek. If you ask common Russian about this city. Their best answer is that Ivanovo is better known as “The City Of Brides. There are many Reasons Why Ivanovo Is Called The City Of Brides and most of them support the wedding industry in the region. Ivanovo or Ivanov-Voznesensk (it is its name before the Revolution) grew based their chintz production. As a result, many people come to the city to order the best dress, female flocked wedding organizer and so many other places to see. The Ivanovo Houseboat.

The Instagramable Ivanovo Houseboat

Visiting Ivanovo also means checking out their tourist attractions. There are several places that you can see in this city. Just like any Russian architectural. Ivanovo has several interesting building either with historical value or modern figure. Not only it is fun to dig out What Is History Behind Russia Revival Architectural building but also instagramable landmarks that make an interesting background. Somewhere around the 19th the architectural reconstruction in Ivanovo reach its golden age with abundance unique construction. One of them is the famous building that looks like a boat.

  • The Interesting Design

Among the many building in Ivanovo, there is one building that stand stood uniquely like a ship. It was designed by D. F. Friedman. There is no detailed history behind why is the building have the shape the way it has. But it does not stop people from coming to the building and snap a photo or two. The tall building with three floors remains unique on one side of the road. The interesting shape resembles a large ship that fits nicely with the unique road that bends the building to fit in accordance to the street structure.

  • The Bright Colour

Not only the design poses a stunning feature. The colour scheme also makes an Instagram background. Not to mention the building has been around for years. The rustic and the Industrial touch gives a very strong atmosphere of the building that looks modern but also antique at the same time. The combination of red bricks with white lining makes a nice ship look-alike that makes people love taking pictures in front of them.

  • The Tourist Spot

There is nothing wrong by visiting a tourist attraction, taking a picture in front of them and sharing it to the world. Some full-time traveller may think it is a bit too much. Yet, there is no place that is too beautiful that it doesn’t deserve the world’s attention. Ivanovo not only famous for The Philosophy Of The Onion Festival In Icanovo but also its buildings. Such as the house that resembles a ship in exterior did not make Ivanovo suddenly packed with tourist. The city remains calm and even quite with all of its simplicity. The houseboat simply makes a very interesting are both for travelling and preserving the area.

  • The Stores

Nope, the building is not some abundant store or home. It is an old building with lots of windows and porch in the upper part and lines of the store below. The red brick is a nice contrast with the white wall among the stores. All of the shops still works nicely and all of the room place a nice ambience. Surely people take the time to visit this place to take pics and also maybe visit the stores as it functions.

  • The Must-Visit Landmark

It does not take many days to see all the interesting places that the guide book told you. In Ivanovo particularly, all landmark stands nicely in walking distance. So it is the Houseboat on one side and just cross the street you will see the sign of welcoming the visitor to Ivanovo the city of Brides. The constructivist-style buildings are a blast from the past with a great series of history behind it. The houseboat represents the Soviet-era construction while the nearby building The “horseshoe house,” based on the era of NKVD (later KGB). The city has so many to offer besides the wedding-related places. You just need to look further.

As a small city located about three hours by train to Moscow. Is relatively young as a village turns into the city. The overall Ivanovo’s modern ambience is a Must Know For Travelers The Russia Golden Ring that not only driven to its industry. That is why you can see a building that looks like a ship. Therefore, the architectural sights are a must seen place to discovers that represent the city so much.

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