4 Brief Facts about Moscow Cathedral Mosque

Muslim nationalities in Russia are growing quite rapidly from year to year, around 60 times faster than the Russian in average. These nationalities take up 20% of the total populations of the nation. From that percentage, around three million live in Moscow. Did you know, because of how massive the size of Russia is, the […]

6 Surprising Facts of Lala Tulpan Mosque in Ufa, Russia

Today, Muslim in Russia takes up to 20% of the total populations in the country. Some republics, like Chechnya and Dagestan, are Islamic and almost wholly inhabited by Muslims. Therefore, it is not a wonder that there are around 8,000 mosques in Russia and some are highly aesthetic and unique. We are now about to […]

Muslim Communities in Russia and Their Facts

As unlikely as it may sound, Islam is the second largest beliefs in Russia after the Orthodox Christianity. The number of the Russians who profess this religion reaches 6.5% of the total population. The history of Islam in Russia is dated back from the time of Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia from 1762 […]

History of Muslim Culture in Russia

The enlightened Islam has been developed in Russia since many centuries ago. The history noted that the appearance of Islam in Russia began in the seventh century. It is much different with the other European countries where Muslim population is a minority, but in Russia, so many indigenous citizens of this country are Muslim. Moreover, […]

5 Facts of Muslim Women in Russia (must know!)

Have you ever dated any Russian woman ? If you have, so how is you impression about her ? Don’t forget to also know about the interesting facts of the women in Russia. Still talking that related to the woman, how do you think about Muslim women in Russia ? Let’s talk about the women whose Islam religion […]

3 Famous Mosques in Moscow, Russia

Islam is the second largest religion in Russia. Russian people also consider it as a traditional religion. As Russia makes Islam as the second largest religion in the country, that explains why there are a lot of mosques in Russia. There are currently 8,000 mosques in Russia. There are 3 famous mosques in Moscow, Russia. Islam […]