8 Beautiful Facts of Bulgar Mosque, Russia

As we all know, Russia is such a vast country. In the entire nation there are three famous Bulgar Mosques; two in Kazan, Tatarstan and the other one in Cheboksary, Chuvashia. The one we will discuss about in this article, though, is the one in Kazan. The other famous mosque from the Republic of Tatarstan […]

11 Must-Known Facts About The Blue Mosque of St. Petersburg

First of all, you should know that there are two famous Blue Mosques in the world. One in Istanbul, Turkey – also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the other one in St. Petersburg, Russia – known as Saint Petersburg Mosque. We are now going to talk about the latter and find out 11 must-known […]

4 Brief Facts about Moscow Cathedral Mosque

Muslim nationalities in Russia are growing quite rapidly from year to year, around 60 times faster than the Russian in average. These nationalities take up 20% of the total populations of the nation. From that percentage, around three million live in Moscow. Did you know, because of how massive the size of Russia is, the […]

6 Surprising Facts of Lala Tulpan Mosque in Ufa, Russia

Today, Muslim in Russia takes up to 20% of the total populations in the country. Some republics, like Chechnya and Dagestan, are Islamic and almost wholly inhabited by Muslims. Therefore, it is not a wonder that there are around 8,000 mosques in Russia and some are highly aesthetic and unique. We are now about to […]