8 Hippest Suburbs of Moscow Where You Can Live In

In the current economic situation, people often have a choice – where is it better to live – in a small apartment within the Moscow Ring Road or in a spacious apartment near Moscow. Especially families with children often think about this. The developers are well aware of this and are actively building up satellite towns of Moscow with high-quality and comfortable new buildings for every taste. Also, when moving, it is important to consider transport accessibility, social infrastructure and the ecological situation in the suburbs of Moscow. Here we have collected 8 of the most convenient satellite cities where it is best to live in.

1. Balashikha

Balashikha is one of the largest satellite cities in Moscow; more than 240,000 people live here. This gives both cons and pros. By the number of educational institutions, attractions, shopping centers and restaurants, it leaves behind other suburbs of Moscow, but the rapid development and economic development has led to difficulties with the environment and transport accessibility.

2. Krasnogorsk

The headquarters of the Government of Moscow is located in Krasnogorsk and ecology and beautiful views are the hallmark of this suburb of Moscow. Krasnogorsk is located along the Volokolamsk highway, and about 132,000 people live on its territory. Schools and sports clubs are in abundance. In addition, there are several branches of metropolitan universities and a large number of shopping centers too. This suburb of Moscow has its own golf club, riding school, motocross track, swimming pool and stadium with artificial ice.

3. Lyubertsy

Today, Lyubertsy is considered the most promising suburb of Moscow. Despite the fact that the ecology is not the best in the Moscow region, the infrastructure is well developed. About 185,000 people live here. it is a calm city with lots of parks and ponds, ideal for families with children.

4. Vidnoye

The city of Vidnoye, situated near Moscow, is quite small, with only 60,000 people living in it, which makes it even more comfortable, cozy and best suited for the lives of those people who are tired of the bustle of Moscow. At the same time, Vidnoye is located just 4 km from the Moscow Ring Road. It has a pool, two stadiums and several sports clubs and art sections.

5. Odintsovo

Odintsovo has been considered one of the most comfortable suburbs of Moscow for many years. It is located 4 km from the Moscow Ring Road, about 140,000 people live here. Prices for apartments in this satellite city are slightly higher than in other cities near Moscow, but not critical. Odintsovo has the title of the most environmentally friendly city in the Moscow region, despite the developed infrastructure and convenient transport accessibility. The M1 “Belarus” federal highway, the Mozhayskoye Shosse and the Smolensk railway line will help you stay mobile.

6. Korolev

About 76,000 people live in Korolev. The infrastructure, ecology and intellectual reputation of this suburb of Moscow are at the highest level. In addition, near this satellite city there is a beautiful reserve “Elk Island”, where you can walk in your free time and enjoy nature.

7. Khimki

Already today Khimki is considered one of the most expensive suburbs of Moscow, since it has the most developed transport accessibility and infrastructure. It is here that there are several large shopping centers: Ikea, Auchan, OVI, Mega, Grand, and soon the Left Bank shopping center will open. About 250,000 people live in this one of the largest satellite cities in Moscow.

8. Mytishchi

About 176,000 people live in Mytishchi, but this is not the limit. It is expected that this figure will soon increase, since this suburb of Moscow has great potential: social and commercial infrastructure is well developed here, and there is a real prospect of the emergence of the metro. In addition, in the city of Mytishchi should open one of the largest shopping centers “Mega” along with the store “Ikea”. A large number of shopping centers, schools, kindergartens, sports centers, cafes and restaurants have been built in this satellite city.

So many good suburbs to choose in Moscow, but it shouldn’t be difficult to decide which one you want to live in. List down the things you look for, and you will get the choice right away.

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