7 Trendiest Moscow Neighborhoods in 2019

Just like most big cities in the world, Moscow welcomes a lot of new people on regular basis. Being a capital where the business bustles, colleges and universities are counted as some of the best in the world, fashion sparks; Moscow is always open for them who intend to move in to the city. Some people who work and study in Moscow usually look for more compact options such as apartments or shared house, but for them who look for trendier neighborhoods; we have 7 on the list for you.

1. Ostozhenka (The Golden Mile)

Today it is the most expensive district of Moscow. The previously dilapidated housing stock allowed for a complete quarterly reconstruction. Today, the district is being built up with class A and De Luxe club houses and small houses, which make up the top list of Moscow’s super-elite real estate. Inside the block is the Conception Monastery, nearby is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the monument to Peter I.

2. Prechistenka

Prechistenka is one of the most prestigious areas of the 19th-20th centuries. During this period, the most expensive mansions and apartment buildings in Moscow were built here, some of which are included in the UNESCO catalog. An example is house 28 on Prechistenka Street, built by architect L.N. Kekushev. This area is characterized by very dense buildings, while elite houses are represented mainly by reconstructed mansions. And the “Light House” in Sechenovsky Lane is considered the best house.

3. Patriarch’s Ponds

A quiet residential area located in the heart of Moscow, one of the most beloved neighborhood by both foreigners and Russians. This area is a historical and cultural mecca. Patricks, as the area is affectionately called, is conveniently located within walking distance of five metro stations, and close to central streets such as Sadovoye and Boulevard Ring, Tverskaya and Novy Arbat. The district got its name thanks to a series of ponds in which in the old days fish were bred for the table of the first Moscow patriarch. The Moscow nobility settled here. Most of the tenement houses built in Moscow during the heyday of Russia fall precisely on the Patriarch’s Ponds.

4. Nikitsky Gate

The area has the most fashionable Moscow restaurants, theaters and museums, as well as a number of embassies. It is here that the famous story of Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita” begins. It is not surprising that many of trendy and hip people choose to live here

5. Lanes of the Arbat

In this place there are a large number of mansions and city estates of the 18th-20th centuries, many of which are currently used as embassies of foreign states. In Soviet times, these places were also loved by the elite – the best houses were built here for the leaders of the Central Committee, the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Defense.

In this area the Pushkin Museum of Art, Moscow House of Photography, Vakhtangov Theater, pedestrian Arbat Street, and Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Center are located. There are also embassies of Canada, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, as well as a number of the most fashionable restaurants, including Vanilla, Vertinsky and Snobs.

6. Tverskaya

Throughout Moscow, you cannot find the streets more beautiful, elegant and dynamic than Tverskaya. It stretches for several kilometers from the very center of Moscow, crosses the Boulevard and Garden rings and smoothly ends with Leningradsky Prospekt. Prestigious houses on Tverskaya are adjacent to no less chic hotels, famous restaurants and the most fashionable shops. Walking along Tverskaya street is like plunging into the atmosphere of a holiday and fairy tales – it is so flowered and elegant at any time of the year.

7. Sparrow Hills and Michurinsky Prospect

Vorobyovy Gory is the high right bank of the Moscow River, covered with a forest park. Located opposite Luzhniki, it is considered one of the seven hills of Moscow. In 1949-1953, a complex of buildings of Moscow State University with an observation deck was built in the Sparrow Hills area. Now the observation deck is one of the most popular recreation places for Muscovites and guests of the capital, from where a magnificent view of the panorama of Moscow opens. On Kosygina Street, which runs along the entire district, there is the only VIP-level house in the Monolith district.

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