Things that You Need to Know Before Combining Shokoladnaya and Ganache

All foods related to chocolate are certainly good, right? The sweetness given by chocolate is difficult for us to refuse to eat.

All over the world there are lots of processed foods both as appetizers to desserts. From being served hot to being served cold, everything tastes good to eat. Especially if it is a dessert.

But did you know about Shokoladnaya? For chocolate lovers, how to combine Shokoladnaya with Ganache?

To find out more, let’s see about the things that you need to know before combining Shokoladnaya and Ganache.

As we know, there are many types of desserts that we can combine with the chocolate mixture. Even the chocolate mixture itself can have various types so that we can adjust it to be combined with other foods. For example, combining a dessert with Ganache.

Ganache is a mixture made from chocolate and also cream. Ganache can be used for a variety of things related to pastry. This can be said as a basic component in pastry. You can use this Ganache as icing, filling cakes, sauces for cakes and many others.

But, do you know about Russian desserts called Shokoladnaya Kolbaska? I think this dessert is still not familiar to some people. For those who know about Shokoladnaya Kolbaska, have you ever thought about mixing the dessert with Ganache?

For those of you who are not familiar about this Shokoladnaya, this article will discuss a little about Shokoladnaya. And for those of you who are wondering about combining Shokoladnaya with Ganache, here are the things that you need to know before combining Shokoladnaya and Ganache.

  • Let’s Know About Shokoladnaya First

Shokoladnaya or also known as chocolate salami is a dessert that is popular throughout Europe and in other countries. Shokoladnaya came from Portugal and Italy. This dessert is made of chocolate, crushed biscuits, butter and some other ingredients. Sometimes there are also those who make Shokoladnaya by giving extra pieces of beans to the mixture. Shokoladnaya also has other names in several countries, for example in Turkey, this dessert is called Mosaic Cake.

Shokoladnaya is also called chocolate salami because it has a shape similar to salami meat products. This is a long cylindrical shape. The Shokoladnaya form can also be said to resemble a sausage because it is rolled up. Shokoladnaya is often served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar at the top.

  • The Ingredients That You Use to Make Shokoladnaya

After you know what Shokoladnaya is, now you need to know what we need to know before combining it with Ganache. Before you combine these two desserts, you need to adjust them first with the ingredients you use to make Shokoladnaya. This is because there are several recipes for making Shokoladnaya which have little difference in the ingredients used.

Shokoladnaya is a dessert made without baking. But there are some recipes that add eggs to the ingredients. Although eggs that have been processed previously so Shokoladnaya still not baked. That’s why you have to consider the type of ingredients you use before combining it with Ganache made of chocolate and cream. This is important so that the Shokoladnaya you make is still delicious.

  • The Type of Chocolate for Ganache Which Will Be Combined with Shokoladnaya

Another thing you should know before combining Shokoladnaya with Ganache is the type of chocolate that you use in the Ganache. In making a Ganache, there are differences in how to process that adjusts to the type of chocolate used. Because of that difference, you must first determine which type of chocolate you use to make the Ganache before combining it with Shokoladnaya.

Some recipes make Shokoladnaya, there are people who use chocolate chips that are not too sweet and melt faster. There are also people who use dark chocolate bars or milk chocolate. You adjust it to your needs and adjust it to the Shokoladnaya recipe you are using.

  • The Type of Cream for Ganache That Will Be Combined with Shokoladnaya

In addition to considering the type of chocolate used in Ganache, you must also consider the type of cream before combining it with Shokoladnaya. Because the two most important ingredients in making Ganache are chocolate and cream. So, when you choose the right type of chocolate and cream, this will make Shokoladnaya even more delicious when you combine both.

Cream plays an important role in the final texture of Ganache. If you combine Shokoladnaya with Ganache, it will affect the final texture of Shokoladnaya that you made. So, make sure you choose the type of cream that is suitable and right before you combine it into Shokoladnaya.

  • Ganache Texture to Be Combined with Shokoladnaya

When you make a Ganache, it is important for you to determine the type of Ganache that you will create. This is because the Ganache has several uses with different types of textures depending on the intended use. Especially if you want to combine the Ganache with Shokoladnaya. Because there is a solid Ganache texture and there is also a liquid Ganache texture because it is used for cake sauce.

Shokoladnaya has a shape that looks like salami and rolled up like a sausage. If you want to combine the Ganache with Shokoladnaya, you must adjust the Ganache texture that you created. That is important so that the Shokoladnaya that you make still has the form as Shokoladnaya in general.

And maybe there are still some of Shokoladnaya and the things that you need to know before combining Shokoladnaya and Ganache that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out about Shokoladnaya and the things that you need to know before combining Shokoladnaya and Ganache. So, let’s try to make Shokoladnaya.

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