How Is The Role Of Russia For The Advancement On The Latest Technology?

Every country in this whole world has its role in doing a certain development in a certain field. For example, if we want to talk about the country that set a good example in the high education system, we can learn the most from Finland. The government of Finland considers education as the right of […]

8 Popular Russian Characters in Video Games

Russians have their own distinct characters which make them easily recognized by people around the world. Not only in real life, some Russian characters in video games also makes gaming experience feels colorful.  These characters have a major impact on the game’s experience as they mostly play as important characters in the game. Some of them […]

6 Best Video Games Made by Russian Developers

You cannot separate the arts from Russia. Since its first reign as an empire, Russia has flourished its culture in beautiful fine arts, magnificent literary works, epic theatrical plays, films, and music. Aside from that, Russians also have made many digital artworks such as video games since the late Soviet era. Gaming is the most popular […]