7 Biggest Hospitals in Russia You Should Know

Hospital is a place where people came to treat their sickness, or just simply consulting about their health with experts. As time goes by, human population increases, thus increasing the needs for more healthcare institutes. There are two options to combat this issue. Either by building more clinics and hospitals, or expand everything that currently […]

8 Worth Reasons For You To Start Study Medicine In Russia

If you need more reasons why is it worth for you to start study medicine all the way across half the globe in Russia, it is understandable. The various heavy load of How To Prepare Yourself Studying Medicine In Russia and the long years will make anyone second guess themselves. If you need more worth reasons […]

How To Prepare Yourself for Studying Medicine in Russia

Iconic things about Russia include winter wonderland, classical music, and story and lastly but certainly the alluring education system In Russia that attract many International students. There are many Affordable University In Russia that welcome students from all over the world. Moreover, there are various scholarships for International students to support students from coming to Russia. There […]