3 Steamiest Russian Romance Books That Everyone Must Read

women reading novelsEverything about romance is always interesting to discuss, read, or hear. Because love is a gift from God that must be felt by all humans. Love makes all aspects of life more interesting. Love affects many aspects of our lives.

Very hypocritical if someone says he is not interested in something related to love. Without realizing it, we must have something we admire and that is related to love. Like film romance, melodrama, music that tells about love stories, and also various kinds of literature that tells about love. Of course you like one of them right?

For those of you who really like literature, of course literature that tells stories about love stories is one that you like. Because the story can inspire and make your heart touched. For those of you who really like romance books, you should try reading Russian romance books that are phenomenal. Russia is one of the countries that has extraordinary and world-recognized works of art and literature. Russia has a myriad of well-known writers with extraordinary talent for processing words and flavors. If you are a fan of true romance books, Russian romance books will definitely go into your favorite romance books.

In this article, we will provide some Russian romance books as a reference for you fans of romance books. You will certainly be sorry if you ignore it. You can read the following Russian romance books to fill your leisure time as entertainment. Here are 3 steamiest Russian romance books that everyone must read.

1. Anna Karenina

The first Russian romance book you have to read is Anna Karenina. You have to read it because the scholars consider that romance books are the best books ever written. Anna Karenina is a masterpiece of the famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy published in 1877.

This novel tells the story of Anna Karenina, a wife of St. Petersburg government officials. A married Petersburg who had an affair with Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky, a brave military man. Vronsky initially proposes to Kitty, Anna’s sister-in-law’s sister. However, after meeting Anna, Vronsky was no longer interested in Kitty. And Anna also has the same feeling with Vronsky. Anna has betrayed her husband, Karenin and Kitty.

Anna and Vronsky move to Italy, and return to Russia. however, they were ostracized because of their adultery and adultery. They finally exiled themselves. Initially their lives were fine, but slowly the love between them faded away. Vronsky works out of town and leaves Anna. And Anna wants to catch up with him, but Anna is hit by a train.

The story in this book is a love story that begins with adultery, which ultimately ends tragically with suffering. Not only about Anna and also Vronsky, but there are many other characters who do dirty love in this book. In addition, this book also tells politics and religion in Russia at that time.

There are so many messages and feelings that you can feel from Leo Tolstoy’s best work. And the most important mandate is that love is something that purity must be maintained. If you damage it, then love itself will kill you. very interesting isn’t it?

2. Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago is a world-famous romance novel. this novel is a masterpiece of one of Russia’s leading writers, Boris Pasternak, published in 1957 in Italy in Russian. This novel has 592 pages and the author has won the Nobel Prize For Literature. Then, how is the story of this novel so famous?

This novel tells the story of Doctor Yuri Zhivago who fell in love with a nurse named Lara Antipova while serving in the war. Lara’s husband, Pasha lost in the war and is considered dead. However, Zhivago did not want to betray his wife, Tonya. He chose to return home and parted ways with Lara.

Winter in Moscow pushed Zhivago and his family to move to the Ural mountains and lived in the old house of the Tonya family. One day Zhivago was kidnapped and forced to work as a doctor for them when they fought against the “White People”. Zhivago separated from his family for years. But finally he managed to escape and returned to Yuriatin. But he did not find his family, and thought that they had returned to Moscow. But, guess who is still living in Yuriatin when he returns? Of course you can guess it!

A very interesting love story, right? If you want to know and are very curious about the end of Doctor Zhivago’s love story, you should read it immediately. A love story that is very unique and not found in other novels. Boris Pasternak is really talented!

Besides being famous as a novel, Doctor Zhivago has been adopted as a film of the same name and the Brazilian Television Series. And the most famous adaptation is a film by David Lean featuring Egyptian actors Omar Sharif as Zhivago and British actress Julie Christie as Lara. The film, released in 1965, won 5 Oscars.

3. Firs Love

Another interesting Russian romace book is First Love by Ivan Turgenev. This novel was first published in March 1860 and is one of Ivan’s shortest fictions. This novel is different from the novels of its time. If in the 1860s the romance novel also touched on social and political conditions, First Love did not. This novel presents a pure love story.

If Doctor Zhivago and Anna Karenina recount the love of someone who already has a wife and husband, it is different from First Love. This short fiction is very unique because it feels very modern even though it is hundreds of years old. First Love tells a love story between a 21-year-old young woman, Zinaida Alexandrovna Zasyekina and a 16-year-old man, Vladimir Petrovich. Vladimir loves Zinaida very much and she is his first love. Zinaida also loved Vladimir, but only as a brother, she did not consider Vladimir to be her lover. Then, will they love each other? The answer can be found when you read this novel.

This novel is also widely adopted in several other works. Like the German film released in 1970, the film Lover’s Prayer combined with stories from Chekov’s work, The Peasen Woman which was released in 1999, and the Tamil movie, Sindhu Samaveli.

After reading the references to some Russian romance books above, of course you realize that Russia is truly great in literature. In fact, all the romance books above have been adopted into a film or television series that have received various awards. Even though the books above are old works, you don’t need to doubt the quality.

Those are 3 steamiest russian romance books that everyone must read. The romance book fans surely can’t wait to get the book in any form. You will not regret reading it. And of course, it will become new knowledge and experience for you. Happy reading!

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