11 Best Diploma Programs In Russia 2019 for International Students

diploma in russiaThe Facts Of Education In Russia system has developed over the years. You need to familiarize yourself with the educational system In Russia and all the wide variety of programs at all levels and also one of the best diploma programs in the world. With a huge variety of popular courses in Russia, Russia is a favorite country to study for Engineering, Medicine and Best University For Arts Degree In Russia programs.

Unlike other countries that familiar with undergraduate (bachelor’s), Magister (master’s) and doctorate levels. In Russia, there is tertiary education in a single stage that produce specialist diploma graduates. Here are the best diploma programs for International students.

  1. Аттестат об основном общем образовании – Certificate of basic general education

The four-year learning program that equals to general secondary education. At the end of the university year, the graduates will gain a lower general secondary education. Furthermore, by having this diploma, students can pursue further education and gain access to upper general secondary education such as upper level of vocational education or both non-university and university level education.

  1. Свидетельство (Профессиональное Училище) – Vocational School

If you Get To Know Basic Education System In Russia which is not like other countries or maybe even your country. It provides various level of education that the rest of the world are familiar with. However, it has a diverse diploma program the does not really follow the basic educational flow.

You can spend a year or 2.5 years to pursue secondary vocational education after junior high school. This option gives a clear view for students that know from early on the path of study that they are interested in. Moreover, this variety of diploma also supports hospitality and other vocational business in Russia. The graduates from this program can apply for entrance examinations for higher education.

  1. Свидетельство профессиональное Лицей – Certificate of Professional Lyceum

In this diploma educational programmes, is an addition to the various professional education component in Russia. All professional Lyceum students will benefit to various general education component equals to the tenth and eleventh grades.

Moreover, after finishing the program the graduates will receive diplomas which enable them the right to perform the profession according to their study. Furthermore, it also indicates that they have completed the secondary general education. Facts Of Education In Russia is their lenient behavior toward student and supporting acts.

Anyone wanting to pursue an even higher level of education is not only encouraged but also supported by the system. This diploma holder can apply to any university level higher education institutions. Students can spend from a year to four years that if you go to the same major, the length of the study can be shortened.

  1. Аттестат о Среднем (Полном) Общем Образовании – Certificate of Secondary (Full) General Education

All universities entrance must follow the national exam of in Russia means passing the Certificate of Secondary Complete General Education and also entrance examinations result which both usually perform in the oral test. So, to have that certificate, an international student must follow a two-year diploma program as an upper general secondary education qualification.

Eventhough, they may have a high school certificate back home, that the university need to look into if it is aknowledge internationally. The Certificate gives access to obtain higher education if the student passes the entrance examinations.

  1. Диплом об Окончании Среднего Профтехучилища – Graduate Diploma in Secondary Vocational Education

This type of other choices than high school comes in two types that cater to the majority of demands in Russian public school. It also welcomes International Students to apply to this program by first examining whether their previous certificate aligns with international recognition.

  • SPTU or the (Srednee Professional’noe Tekhnicheskoe Uchilishe), comprised a three years study after completing the 9 years of primary and secondary education. The graduates will receive this Diploma and the right to practice in the accordance professional field.
  • SSUZ (Srednee Special Uchebnoe Zavedenie) it is the vocational program in the field of technical and economic professions. it last for 3 to 4 years.
  1. Диплом об Окончании Среднего Специального Учебного Заведения – Diploma of Completion of Secondary Specialized Educational Institution

This secondary vocational education program equals to high school diploma specifically in the education field. After completing their study, the graduates can start working in accordance with their specialty that they have been stidying for the past 3 to 4 years. Moreover, the graduates also can apply for a higher level such as a bachelor degree if they meet all the requirement.

  1. Диплом о неполном высшем образовании – Undergraduate Diploma

The first stage of the university years that spend about two years of a study programme. After finishing the study years, the student can take the test for Diploma O Nepolnom Vysshem Obrazovanii (Diploma of Incomplete Higher Education) which entitles the graduates the intermediate qualification that allows them to obtain jobs that require some HE training.

However, it doe not mean the graduates of this certificate entitle to a degree and to continue their studies. In short, it is the right certificate if you want to work and not study.

  1. Specialist  – Специалист (5 years)

Diplomas from Specialist programs are for professional that wanting to obtain higher training that enables the student to access magister level and also doctorate. This type of Diploma typically has 5 years of study, after the student finishes the secondary level of education.

  1. Specialist – Специалист (5½ years)

This diploma poses as a basic higher education that gives the core knowledge of subjects for professionals Therefore, any Diploma holder of this program can do related professional or research orientation in accordance with their qualifications.

Diplomas of Specialist programs gives Advantages of Studying In Russia For International Student to get the proper professional training suitable to their profession. Moreover, after secondary education student will undergo of 5½ years of the study period to apply university masters (Magistr) and to doctorate programmes (Kandidat Nauk).

  1. Бакалавр – Bachloor Diploma (4 years)

Bakalavr or equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree is a four-year full-time programme. The programme’s curriculum follows the State Educational Standards which take about 50% of the content. The university has the freedom to design their own specific curriculum for the rest percentages.

The unique program includes professional and special courses in various subjects that Russian education verified. This includes The Humanities and Socioeconomic disciplines, Science, and also Professional Training.  You are eligible to receive the certificate after finishing the final research paper/project and also passing the State final exams.

The Bakalavr degree enables students to pursue even higher education all the way to Magistr programmes or continue their studies according to the same field as their Specialist Diploma programmes. The Bakalavr degree applies almost all major except for medicine that usually takes longer.

Therefore, if you are an International student and getting ready to study in Russia, There are tips How To Prepare Yourself For Studying Medicine In Russia that certainly not going to be easy.

  1. Магистр – Magister degree

The undergraduate or Bakalavr student that applies to Specialist Diploma and Magistr programmes need to follow several requirements. Students must successfully finish the two years of  full-time studies, advanced studies, and also present a thesis and pass the final examinations.

You can finish this diploma with two types of programme competence.

  • after finishing a year study after the Bakalavr
  • completion of five to six years’ continuous study beyond the Attestat o Srednem (Polnom) Obshchem Obrazovanii.

The recipient of this certificate is a professional qualification that gives the right to exercise in accordance with their major and eligible to apply for doctorate programs.

When you go back in time and learn more about Russian education, the tertiary level of education consists of a minority of traditional curriculum and a larger number of narrow specialization school that mostly belongs to private sectors. It shows the deep meaning of education to Russian, There are many Affordable University In Russia For International Students and even Scholarship for non-Russian to choose from. Whether it is a long extensive program or just a short course, these diverse programs only exist in Russia.

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