Specific Characters of Russian Arts than Others Art

Do you like art? What kind of art do you like?

In this world there are many types of art. The types of art that exist in each country also have differences that make anyone know where the art came from. Even though from the same country, between artists one with another artist has its own characteristics.

Likewise, with art in Russia. Russia has its own characteristics in art. To add information to you about art in Russia, let’s look at specific characters of Russian Arts than others art.

Art does have a special attraction for some people. Especially for people who indeed make the art as their collection objects. Art made by someone sometimes has its own meaning. Art is also made so that people can enjoy the beauty of art.

In this world there are many types of art. There are sculpture, painting, architecture, music and various other types of art. Through an art, people are able to channel the creativity they have. Creativity that makes the art they make has its own character.

The arts in each country in the world have their own characteristics. Similarly, the existing art in Russia. As a very broad country, of course there is also a greater variety of arts in Russia. Although there are many different kinds of art there, often the art in each city in Russia has its own characteristics.

If you want to know more about the art in Russia and know about the specific characters of Russian art, in this article I will discuss the specific characters of Russian Arts than others art.

  • Russian Icon Painting

The art in Russia in the past is still closely related to religion and respect for God. Art that was famous at that time was the art of painting. The art of religion is called Icon.

Icons are the tools used by Orthodoxy to express the truth that is clearly visible. Icon painting the first made in the Christian tradition is a picture of Jesus. Icon painting is also referred to as the “Holy Face” or sometimes also called “Veil Veronica” if it is based on the legend creation of the painting. This painting is more about conveying something in the form of images.

Painting on the Icon associated with religion and honor God is not regarded as a regular image instead, it becomes a sacred object. Many consider Icons can do wonders in their lives. There’s even assume that Icon painting comes from the supernatural. Though there are also paintings made by humans. Icon painter is not an arbitrary person. It has to be people who have high moral and true faith.

  • Modern Art with The Theme of People’s Daily Lives

Even though it had gained influence from European culture, Russian art re-emerged and returned citizens’ interest in art in Russia. However, this new Russian art has got a slight touch of modernization. Russian modern art began to slowly break away from the classical tradition of the past.

Russian modern art is starting to create a new kind of art in Russia. This art uses the theme of everyday life of Russian citizens. This modern art includes decorative arts and Icon Paintings. Especially for Icon Paintings, this modern Russian art makes painters more aware of the power of a flat two-dimensional visual perspective.

The decorative art of modern Russian art uses abstract geometric patterns. The lines, shapes and colors in this decorative art are used to build rhythm. In this modern art, the painter does not have to describe the actual object or space. This modern Russian art actually only developed from traditional art that existed before. That way, this new art has its own character.

  • About Russian Avant-Garde

Starting from the end of the 19th century, came the artist who applied Russian Avant-Garde. It is still included in modern art in Russia. Russian Avant-Garde is a wave of modern art that developed during the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. In Russian Avant-Garde, there are other arts included in it, such as Suprematism, Russian Futurism, Constructivism and others.

Russian Avant-Garde became popular and was in the peak of its creativity during the period of the Russian Revolution. This art carries the frenzied theme of city life. In this art there are new compositions and become increasingly abstract by applying brilliant colors, shapes that are increasingly simple but sharp and some other things that form the basis.

Russian Avant-Garde began to look promising for the world’s a kind of new breakthrough in the art. This art was rejected by the Stalinist Government and ignored in the West. Russian Avant-Garde received proper attention from the community recently. There is a Russian Museum located in St. Petersburg that has and displays a collection of the best works of Russian Avant-Garde art.

  • About Constructivism Art in Russia

Constructivism is a philosophy of artistic and architectural originating from Russia. This kind of art was started by Vladimir Tatlin and appeared in 1913. Constructivism emerged as a rejection of the idea of autonomous art and want to do the ‘construction’ of art.

This constructivism of art had a great effect on modern art in the 20th century. The influence of this art expanded and had a great effect on sculpture, graphic design, architecture, industrial design, and some arts in other industrial fields.

The use of the term Constructivism art first appeared as a positive term in Naum Gabo Realistic Manifesto in 1920. The Art Constructivism into the development of art in the post-World War I. This art is a combination of the material properties of an object, and tectonics.

And maybe there are still some of specific characters of Russian Arts than others art that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out specific characters of Russian Arts than others art.

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