Understanding Russian Beliefs and Values That Will Guide You to Hug Russia

Let’s get to know Russia better!

There are many ways to get to know a country. All countries in the world have characteristics, facts, beliefs, customs and values. The greater a country the more diverse the uniqueness of the country will be. The uniqueness that makes the country different from other countries.

You certainly have to learn and understand the characteristics, facts, beliefs, customs and values that exist in Russia if you want to get to know Russia further. That way you will be able to find out a little description of how the Russians lived. This will also be useful for those of you who will visit Russia.

For that, let’s understand Russian beliefs and values that will guide you to hug Russia.

There are many ways that can be used by people who are visiting a country to respect the country they visit. One way is to learn a little about the characteristics, facts, beliefs, customs and values in that country. That way we can feel the friendliness of the local residents because we respect their culture.

Believe it or not, in fact there are still many countries in the world that apply the beliefs and values that exist in that country. Even though this is the modern era. Those who still apply it believe that it can guide their lives. Of course, for some who do not believe, they will consider it impossible. But you have to appreciate it.

When you visit Russia and want to know more about the country, you have to know at least a little about the culture that is there. You can start by studying the beliefs and values that exist in Russia.

To provide information for those of you who want to visit Russia, in this article I will discuss about understanding Russian beliefs and values that will guide you to hug Russia.

  • Beliefs and Values in Russia Relating to Drinking Alcohol

Russia is known for its strong culture of drinking alcohol. People in Russia will traditionally pour alcohol on their guests’ glasses, although guests are not required to drink it. However, there are some things you should consider when drinking alcohol along with the Russians. They have some sort of beliefs and values about it.

If you drink alcohol and your glass is empty, do not use the empty glass to toast because it is considered unlucky. Even that can be considered unlucky if you return to the table when the event has ended.

  • Beliefs and Values About Family in Russia

Family relationships in Russia is indeed very strong. Citizens apply culture to not be individualistic to each other. Whatever is done by Russians, they will ask for opinions on family, friends or people who are known to be close to him before giving a decision. Isn’t there a lesson we can take from there?

But behind the family values that exist among Russians, they also have a kind of belief and are still related to family values. One of them is if you hear a chicken crow three times before noon, it can be a sign that a close family member is expected to die. To avoid this, the chicken must be killed but not to be eaten.

  • Beliefs and Values About Communication in Russia

If you are in Russia, it would be very nice to try to communicate with local residents even though your Russian is still in the beginner stage. They really appreciate the effort you are willing to learn Russian. Although in big cities there have been many people who are able to speak English.

But there are some things that are still believed by Russians and are related to communication between them. For example, if someone you don’t realize has seen you, he/she will reprimand you by saying that you will be rich. Funny, isn’t it?

  • Beliefs and Values Related to The Homeland, Russia

Being the former Soviet Union make Russia still has a culture of the Soviet Union. A culture that makes Russian citizens so highly give value to the homeland they live in. They also strongly apply family values. Although they have a sense of distrust in people who do not have relationships with their families.

People in Russia are very proud of their country. The Russians are also very proud of the Russian culture. They hope the whole world will admire and appreciate it.

  • Beliefs and Values About Spirituality in Russia

Spirituality is also a value in the life of Russian citizens. In a different historical period, Russian citizens put spirituality as a top priority for them. Whereas material value follows as an important value after the value of spirituality. In Russia, the value of spirituality in the community was placed at the beginning. So, the lives of people who live in Russia are still affected by the value of spirituality and believing it.

  • Beliefs and Values About Tolerance in Russia

The Russians applying the beliefs and values of tolerance in their daily lives. Believe it or not, even the former enemies can be accepted back by the people in Russia. This is an important value to be applied by the community because after all there is a lot of diversity around us.

When you visit Russia, you can also feel the sincerity of the people who are there. Even just starting with something we often think of as an ordinary greeting you can feel their familiarity and sincerity.

And maybe there are still some of Russian beliefs and values that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out Russian beliefs and values. So, you can know and then understanding Russian beliefs and values that will guide you to hug Russia.

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