12 Most Beautiful and Stunning Female Russian Athletes

The tenth woman of the team olympic athlete russia (OAR) is not only lure the world attention because of their achievements, but also because they have a face that really charming! below are some of the most beautiful and stunning female Russian athletes.

1. Yulia Belomestnykh

She Was born and raised in oblast orenburgskaya (2.227 km from the airport), yulia belomestnykh (21) combining a variety of athletic skills, back to top training, downtime in seconds running, and speed training and winter training (winter sports who race the speed of gliding in a circuit ice) roads were narrow and the winding they were full of arrogance sleigh, this sport is also one of the most popular sports in Russia today) began on the 2015. Of 2016, a desolation has become a member of the team Russian bobsled.

2. Galina arsenkina

Galina arsenkina galina arsenkina (26) comes from Moscow. Finally, he wanted to be a pretty athlete, but because of an injury he was 12 years old, he was forced to move to curling (a sport launched which was one of the famous sports to do in soviet time) stones on ice. He has won six times as a member of various national team curling matches. Not only that, the title of arsenkina played for the Russian European champions in 2016.

3. Viktoriya moiseeva

Viktoriya moiseeva comes from oblast chelyabinskaya (1,791) km east of Moscow. When young, he practiced the choreography, but then turned to curling. He now lives in peterburg karam, and, just like arsenkina galina, won the championship in one of the Famous Sports To Do in Soviet Time for European Russia in 2016.

4. Diana kanaeva diana kanaeva,

Diana kanaeva (20) derived from sankt peterburg and is an attacker at the club hockey dynamo. the cityHe grabbed a bronze medal in the world junior hockey championship 2015.Svetlana tkacheva svetlana tkacheva, the hockey team. Svetlana tkacheva svetlana tkacheva (33) derived from moscow and regarded as one of the national hockey team the most professional. He has had a degree nine times russian champions and currently playing for habs woman  skif  in the city of nizhny novgorod.

5. Mary yuryevna Kirilenko

Mary Yuryevna Kirilenko. Not fair, 5 this lovely lady in fact athletes achieves instagram.com / mariakirilenko87 you sport ruling lovers must have heard of mary yuryevna kirilenko. He was tennis professional athletes from Russia. this one has natural beauty, not only that he also who performed well .An athlete who was 27 years old and open girl’s singles in 2002 and is the holder of the tour as much as 3 times. Not only there just, she is also the London Gold Medalist London in 2012. Best position in the upper the world happened in 2013 when he was in the position of 10 the world. But as athlete tennis she is also a fashion model well. Maria yuryevna kirilenko is included in the icon of the athlete on the most popular sports in russia today.

6. Blair’o neal

Golf may not be a sport as popular as football or tennis, but if you are watching how the new played sports are defined, you would have wanted to play. He began his career in golf when I was 11 years old, a professional fights and career began in 2004. He was used to represent His Campus, Arizona State University of the American Golf Championship. Not only achievement, he may have a beautiful, most beautiful woman in golf in 2013. He also has a model that is fairly successful in the brand of the Cobra Golf and Puma.

7. Yuliya efimova

Yuliya efimova is swimmer daughter russia who won bronze 200m the breaststroke the london olympics 2012 and world champion the breaststroke 2009 , 2013 , and 2015 .Efimova not completed through test drug and condemned by them ban race in the period october 2013 ended in february 2015 .

8. Sofiya velikaya

Sofiya velikaya is russian fencing athlete who won the london olympics and silver 2012 already mengolek 7 world championship gold medal fencing than years 2004 until 2015.

9. Aliya mustafina

Aliya mustafina is artistic main russia gymnast who won london olympic gold 2012 and 3 gold to the world championships gymnastic artistic year 2010 and 2013.In addition, mustafina have the winning gold universiade europe and 3.

10. Evgenia kanaeva

Evgenia kanaeva a mainstay for russia at number rhythm gymnastics. Kanaeva is award winning olympic gold 2008 and 2012 as well as collecting 61 gold from the world championship rhythm gymnastics 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 until universiade.

11. Maria sharapova

Order of the prettiest woman was maria sharapova. Next She grabbed 33 4 itf and wta career title in his career until now.Sharapova is also the highest paid athletes in and also got the position of athletes are the hottest in 2016.He was tennis star lefty backhand two hands. abilityWith 557 133 career victory and defeat in atp-nya, russian supermodel currently holding the rank of 24. worldHe has a first career wta highest world number one in 2005.

12. Caroline wozniacki

Caroline wozniacki he s the star of tennis left-handed also had the ability backhand two hands. At the one famous sports to do in soviet time, he grabbed 22 degree wta career and 4 itf along his journey on tennis .With 436 time winner and 169 lost, rank wta when this is the second .He reached the best career in rank 1 the world in 2011 and maintain its ranking for 67 sunday .He also had the body that is highly high speed and the face cute to draw a lot of attention the men .He knows their talents and know how to perfect to use it .

So are some of the most beautiful and stunning Russian athletes you need to know, of course each athlete has its own uniqueness. the above are just a few examples of athletes, in fact there are still many other athletes that you can know about, either Russia or other countries that have excelled internationally.

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