The Best Place to Have a Weekend Brunch in Russia

larisuvannukhachuToo late for breakfast but too early for lunch? This is where brunch fills the gap. An abbreviation of Breakfast and lunch, brunch makes a nice excuse to eat as late as 10 pm in the morning. Bruch is a casual activity usually when you meet up and hanging out with friends. While traveling to Russia, it’s a great idea to have a brunch at a stylish spot.

What’s an ideal brunch spot for you? A good restaurant for brunch must have a selection of good food. That’s almost a must. The ambiance adds up too, as a cozy environment would make you stay for long and keep coming back. Many would pick an outdoor seating to enjoy the nice weather while eating. Other factors would be the price and location.

There are plenty of brunch spots in Russia you can pick from. In any city, you can easily find a nice restaurant where you can try local delicacies or more international choices. From high-class restaurants to low-cost options, there will always a choice to satisfy your palate. Do not forget to check the best city in Russia to live in, they usually have an amazing culinary scene.

1. Metropol Restaurant, Moscow

Metropol at Metropol Hotel Moscow is where you can have a brunch in style. With its luxurious hall and beautiful interior, the restaurant is surely the best place to have a weekend brunch in Russia. It does come with a price, as you can easily spend thousands of Rubbles at this place. But the luxuriously presented breakfast set will make your brunch here the most unforgettable moment ever. Also, check other breakfast places in this city.

Address: Teatralny Dr, 2 | Hotel Metropol, Moscow 109012, Russia
Opening Times: Sunday at 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM while Saturday at 7:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Price range: high

2. LarisuVannuKhochu, St Petersburg

Don’t let the long Russian name discourage you from visiting this Restaurant. LarisuVannuKhochu at St. Petersburg has an interesting interior that would make you awed instantly. There are an outdoor seating with cozy chairs and curtain. You should pick this one for an amazing brunch.

The menu is varied, from Russian, European, to Asian. There’s a vegetarian option too. Try their Georgian dishes and also the sushi. The price is affordable for such a service. There’s also a children room in this restaurant.

Address: Nauki Ave., 14/1 | Bldg. 1, Letter A, St. Petersburg
Opening Times: 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM daily
Price range: medium to high

3. Moi Drug Olive, Yekaterinburg

The city of Yekaterinburg has a culinary gem. Moi Drug Olive is actually easy to find on Bankovskiy lane, striking with its olive green exterior. The industrial exterior complete with an neon-adorned door, does invite anyone to take a peek inside. They will not be disappointed.

The interior is cozy and warm. It is a good idea to pick a table beside the window. The restaurant has a wide array of food choices. The most popular is beef tartar which garnered good reviews from many satisfied customer. Sweet breakfast are available too, such as syrniki, a pastry with cottage cheese. A bonus, the staffs speak good English.

Address: Bankovskiy ln, 10, Yekaterinburg 620014, Russia
Opening Times: Every day from 9 AM to 12 AM
Price range: medium to high

4. Teplo, St Petersburg

Satisfied customers describe Teplo’s atmosphere as cozy and relaxed. Their outdoor tables are homey, just like your own backyard. The courtyard area is surrounded by a well-tended garden with plenty of light and good airflow. If you happen to visit St. Petersburg, you should eat at this place at least once, especially for a breakfast or a brunch.

The food especially, they’re very nicely presented and taste good. The food presentation would make it hard to resist to post a picture on Instagram. Teplo serves a wide range of European and Russian dishes, with an original twist. Their price is also reasonable for ther food and service. Teplo is the best place to have weekend brunch in Russia when it comes to value for money.

Address: Bolshaya Morskaya St., 45, St. Petersburg 190000, Russia
Opening Times: Saturday from 11 AM to 1 AM, Sunday from 1 PM to 12 PM
Price range: medium range

5. Beerman & Pelmeni, Novosibirsk

Beerman & Pelmeni at Novosibirsk is a perfect eating place if you want to be spoiled by wide ranges of Russian traditional dumpling, Pelmeni. Their pelmeni is vary, from Georgian inspired recipe to Asian inspired one. Accompany your order with a glass of beer from their collection. On occasions, Beerman & Pelmeni also hosts musical performance.

Address: Kamenskaya St., 7, Novosibirsk 630099, Russia
Opening Times: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM daily
Price range: medium

6. Lavkalavka Restaurant, moscow

Situated at the famous Petrovka Street, Lavkalavka Restaurant is a both locals and tourits’s favorite. If you want to have a brunch at this restaurant, we suggest choosing a table at the veranda. The outdoor seating will provide you with a nice view over Petrovka Street. It will be a good choice in a sunny summer day.

Lavkalavka offers a great variety of food on its menu. Whether contemporary, Russian or European, pick what you prefer. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options. Every dish here is presented with such a level of creativity that will delight you.

Address: Petrovka St., 21-2, Moscow 107031, Russia
Opening Times: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM daily except Monday
Price range: medium to high

7. Hanuma City Cafe, Kazan

A hidden gem located at Bauman Street, Kazan, Hanuma City Cafe attracts a considerable amount of loyal customers. The cafe’s great atmosphere is perfected with delightful choices of Central Asian food. The price is unbelievably low considering their amazing food and service. No wonder many fall in love wish this humble establishment.

There is an open courtyard with garden and great natural lighting. We would recommend anyone to pick a table here for a brunch. This place is certainly one of the best place to have a weekend brunch in Russia.

Address: Bauman St., 68, Kazan 420111, Russia
Opening Times: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM everyday
Price range: low

8. Trattoria Fettuccine, Sochi

If there’s any city in Russia to have brunch all year round, Sochi is definitely the only one. The pleasant weather of Sochi is a reason to stay outdoor while dining. Choose an outdoor table at the veranda of Trattoria Fettuccine Restaurant. Trattoria Fettuccine offers a great variety of Italian dishes on their menu.

Address: Teatral’naya Ulitsa, 11, Sochi, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Russia,
Opening Times: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM Everyday except Monday
Price range: medium

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